The best reactions to Predators thrilling three overtime win.


The Nashville Predators have had everything thrown at them in the playoffs, from a feisty series with Anaheim that was full of ups and downs, to a competitive series with San Jose that will be remembered for a long time. They trailed the series 2-0 at one point; since then, they have won two straight at home to tie it back up. Now, it’ll be the best of three. The team to win two more games out of the next (possibly) three will move on to the Western Conference Finals.

The Predators have never passed the second round in franchise history, but there’s a pattern slowly forming in the playoffs for them: they’re eliminating most of the “nevers,” and conquering the new challenges. In the Anaheim series, they played their first ever game seven, and they won. Also, Predators have never won a home playoff game when it goes into overtime. However, after a long, long game, they won Thursday night. Well, Friday morning, technically speaking, because it took three overtimes to end the game.

One could agree that it’s been a long bumpy road, and the Predators are taking everything that’s being thrown at them and somehow still winning. If they keep this up, they’re for sure Stanley Cup bound.

Meanwhile, Predators fans and more took to Twitter to react to the longest game in Nashville Predators history:


Yes, finally.


Sharks fans were in the Predators Instagram comments, after the Sharks took the 3-2 lead, bashing Nashville’s fans and their team. Lesson learned: never celebrate too soon if you’re facing the Predators. There’s a REASON why we are highly confident in our guys!


Nashville’s Mayor was up with us too!


It was wild, Stacey.





There’s nothin’ like a Friday morning Predators win, neither.


You were right, Samantha!


Yes. Yes it is.

It was a great win and a great game. There were a few controversial calls that changed the direction of the game. One went in favor of San Jose, the other went in favor of Nashville. But in the end, Nashville pulled out the much deserved victory, and now have a chance to take the series lead on Saturday for the first time.


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