#AskTNS: Who are the top five players on the Titans roster?


Your Questions Answered!

@touchdowntitans asks: Will the Preds win the series?

They have the capability to. The exotic three overtime game followed by the travel from Nashville to San Jose obviously affected the Predators more than it did the Sharks on Saturday. But, the Preds are three days removed from that, so hopefully they bounce back and return to their winning ways. If Saturday night’s game is a sign that the 13,000+ miles of traveling to and from California with only one day of rest is finally taking it’s toll, then unfortunately Monday could be the end. They’re getting banged up.

@camr110 asks: How will the Preds respond to being down 3-2?

Hopefully the same way they responded to being down 2-0: by winning two of their own. If the Predators can bounce back and win two more, they will advance to the Western Conference Finals for the very first time. The Predators seem to play more desperately when their backs are against the wall. Desperate play has led to wins for them.

@elijah5pittman asks: Will Kevin Byard get significant playing time this year?

General Manager Jon Robinson has heard about that kid since he was in high school. I’m sure Robinson will, or probably already has, talk to Mularkey about giving him some chances to prove himself. If he impresses in the preseason and make the most of his opportunities in theย  regular season, he will see significant time in his second year.

@isaiahallen98 asks: Who will be the two starting CBs on the Titans roster?

I am fully confident it will be Jason McCourty and Perrish Cox again. There hasn’t been any significant signings or drafted players to consider a change. Cox had some good moments with us, but unfortunately suffered an injury. So, there’s no reason to rule him out just yet. And it can go unsaid that McCourty is just not getting put on the bench for anyone.

@wmangin asks: How much better is our O-line this year?

On paper, it looks like Mariota will actually have time to find a receiver, and DeMarco Murray and company will have some good lanes to run through. But, this question can’t be answered until mid-October or early November. So save this question until then.

@titanfan13 asks: Will there be a bust in the 1st-3rd rounders for the Titans? If so, who?

I think it’ll be easier to tell you who most likely won’t be a bust. It’s rare that the players you choose in the first three rounds pan out the way you like, but since the Titans had so many picks, it’s possible that quite a few will live up to expectations. I think those players will be Jack Conklin and Derrick Henry. Conklin was a steal, no doubt. He’s going to be legitimate at right tackle for the Titans. Henry has the opportunity to learn from and back up veteran running back DeMarco Murray, and I feel like he will thrive off that. Kevin Byard is iffy to me. He could go either way.

@predsfan15 asks: How will the Titans do this year and why?

This will be the year the Titans will have a sophomore quarterback, a rookie General Manager, a first year coach, and a young offense. Two things absolutely will happen: one, the Titans absolutely thrive off the young offense with the stingy defense they already have. Two, they experience growing pains and have a inconsistent season. The second one is more likely to happen, but let’s all hope the first one does.

@stantonsweeney asks: Who will the Grizz get as HC?

They’re looking at Frank Vogel, who is arguably the best head coach on the market. The Grizzlies basically said they’re willing to pay the market value for him, meaning they’ll just pay him whatever he desire.

@kobe_lanee asks: Will Derrick Henry’s # really be 2?

It’s very likely it’ll change by the preseason, or sooner. That is why the Titans issued a warning for anyone who buys the jersey.

@lperko3 asks: Will Kevin Byard be one of our top 3 best players from this year’s draft?

I think he will have the opportunities to show everyone what he’s all about. He could go either way. The fact that he’ll be playing under defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau is a huge plus.

@_born2write_ asks: What do you think the strongest and worst pick was in the Titans draft?

I believe the strongest pick was OL Jack Conklin. Mariota needs protection, and Robinson wasn’t afraid to trade up and get it. The “worst” pick was probably Derrick Henry. I’m not saying he won’t be useful, but that was the one pick that was highly questionable. I liked the pick though. I liked all of the picks. That was the “worst” I could find.

@justinjuranek asks: Some would argue that the Jaguars have had a better offseason than us, what are we going to have to do to compete with them?

I’ve heard that a lot, but I don’t believe it. I think both teams have had equally as successful offseasons. Both teams are on the rise. To compete with them, all we need to do is to play all 60 minutes with them. The Thursday Night Football game last season was a loss for Tennessee because they didn’t finish the game off. The Jaguars aren’t much of a threat to us.


@matt_gemmell16 asks: Top five players currently active on the Titans roster?

The Titans are a team flying under the radar, with multiple players the league just doesn’t hear about that often. But, whenever the Titans become remotely close to being elite, these players will finally blow up:

1. Delanie Walker

He’s QB Marcus Mariota’s favorite target, and he’s no doubt the best player on the offense. Delanie Walker is expected to have a big season in 2016.

2. Jurrell Casey

The best player on the defense is a scary man to offensive linemen everywhere. I still remember him giving Big Ben Roethlisberger a hard time.

3. Jason McCourty

He can be a lockdown corner when he’s not on the injured reserved list. He’s had a phenomenal career so far in Tennessee.

4. Marcus Mariota

He would be number one on this list, but he still has so much to prove. He’s a promising quarterback, yet it’s only been one season. Let’s hope 2016 and beyond is great for this kid.

5. Kendall Wright

Probably the most underrated wide receiver in the NFL. He once went a LONG, LONG time without a single drop. He is THE go to guy on third downs. All he needs is a good team around him.


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