#AskTNS: Who will be the Titans’ offense and defense MVPs?


Your Questions Answered

@justinjuranek asks: Do you think Mettenberger will find another team?

Yes, I think Mettenberger is a valuable quarterback. If he’s put in the right system, he can flourish. The problem is the fact that teams are moving to the mobile quarterbacks. His style isn’t much wanted anymore.

@_davidharwood asks: If a dog wore pants, would he wear them all fours or just his hind 2 legs?

Very funny question. Thanks for making me laugh! I’d say he would wear it on just his hind 2 legs. Because if he wore a shirt, it would be on his front 2 legs. Besides, it would look rather funny if the dog’s entire body was covered by a pair of pants.

@_junior_3_ asks: What are your offseason predictions for the Grizzlies?

I’m not sure if you’re asking me to predict their next season in the offseason, or to predict their offseason. So, I’ll just do both. In the offseason, they will successfully retain Mike Conley and draft/sign some outside shooters. They are in dire need of some. In the season, they’ll be much improved offensively and back to winning like we’re used to.

@c_aleb79 asks: What is the likelihood of the Vols winning it all, especially with the 4 game stretch with Texas A&M, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.

There’s no doubt that they have some talent on their roster, enough to make a legit run. But, I say they might fall short this season. That’s unless they can win in late game situations and keep QB Joshua Dobbs playing at a high level. If they can accomplish that, they’re legit.

@b_ballbob asks: Can Jalen Hurd compete against the other heisman finalists and possibly be the first Heisman winner for the Vols?

If the Volunteers are good this season, it’ll bring attention to Hurd and Dobbs because most likely they will be why the Vols are successful. So definitely Hurd can be a Heisman winner this season. It all depends on the Vols’ success, though.

@isaiahallen98 asks: What is the most needed position on the Titans roster?

I think the Titans will still be kind of thin at the safety positions. Hopefully Byard and the guy from the Cardinals, whose name I can’t think of right now, pans out well for us.


@matt_gemmell16 asks: Who will be the Titans offense and defense MVP?

It’s crazy: the Titans were a team that had virtually no one. Now, year after year, they’re racking up on players and are being considered as a team on a legitimate rise. There’s DeMarco Murray, Marcus Mariota, Jurrell Casey, Delanie Walker, and Jason McCourty. We’re a few more moves away from a Pro Bowl roster.

But, who will be the best player on each side of the ball? Let’s take a look:

Offense: Marcus Mariota

This one is obvious. Mariota is the centerpeice. The Titans have seemingly done their job. They built around Mariota. They’ve provided him with quality protection by signing/drafting running backs and offensive linemen. Now it’s up to Mariota to get the job done.

Sleeper option: Delanie Walker

Defense: Jurrell Casey

This year, Casey will actually make the Pro Bowl, and not as an alternate. He will be the force that helps the Titans defense flourish. I expect him to seriously thrive under DC Dick LeBeau. Get used to hearing his name. He’s only getting better as his career goes on.

Sleeper option: Brian Orakpo


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