#AskTNS: When will the Titans win the Superbowl?


Your Questions Answered!

@jack_.boyd asks: Do you think the Titans will keep Sankey?

I think he’s going to be overshadowed with Derrick Henry and DeMarco Murray now taking the stage. So, I don’t see him staying on the team for too much longer. He’s like the Mettenberger of the running backs. He has potential, but he might not reach it here in Tennessee.

@strackedille asks: Could Aaron Wallace be a starting OLB for the Titans?

I don’t think he will start, but I bet Dick LeBeau will find a good role for him. He’s a talented player that knows how to get to the quarterback. LeBeau is a pro, so there’s no doubt he’ll find something for him.

@_junior_03 asks: Can the Grizzlies trade up in the draft for someone like Buddy Heild?

I haven’t started my NBA Draft research yet, but trading up in the draft to land a quality player is something that needs to be done by GM Chris Wallace. If that can’t be done, then the least he could do is gather up some second round picks.

@predsfan_no.1 asks: Do you think the Preds will go to the Stanley Cup?

Yes. I confidently believe they will win it by next season, or they will at least make it to the finals. But I know in the next few years, they will be Stanley Cup Champions. Mark my words.

@metz.taylor asks: When will the Titans be the team to beat in the NFL?

Give this current group time to gel together, and let Jon Robinson have a few more good offseasons and drafts. I say about three or five more years of mediocrity with spurts of potential every now and then. Robinson has made a lot of franchise-saving moves, but it may not take one offseason to turn things completely around.

@camr110 asks: Is Jalen Hurd the best RB in college football?

He still has yet to prove that. However, many sports analyst are high on Jalen Hurd and the Volunteers. There’s been a few reports predicting Hurd to be this year’s Heisman Winner. That would be somethin’.

@c_aleb79 asks: What team will be “The Tennessee Team” next year that would be enjoyable?

I think the Predators may be the most enjoyable to watch. They have reached the elite status that the other two Tennessee teams are falling short of. The Grizzlies are not bad, though. I think, with the return of their starting lineup, they will be right back in the mix of things. However, the Titans, with Mariota, Murray, and Henry, could end up surprising every one as well.



@mason_chandler_91 asks: Do you think the Titans will win the Superbowl?

The Titans’ year is coming. But slow down, Titans fans. The chances of Tennessee winning a Superbowl in 2016-17 with a new head coach, new general manager, new system, and a sophomore quarterback is HIGHLY unlikely. But, if the Titans stay persistent and continue building, the city of Nashville could see its first Lombardi Trophy.


A while ago, before TNS was invented, I literally predicted that by 2016 the Titans will be somewhat legit. I’m not wrong yet, though. But I probably will be.

So I will take another attempt at predicting. This time, I bet I’ll be right.

Realistically, it’s going to take about 3-5 years to rebuild the franchise. During those 3-5 years though, the Titans won’t be bad, they just won’t be good enough to get past the first game in the playoffs.

3-5 years means they’ll be a knotch or two above mediocre until at least 2019.

But in 2021, things will finally click. Yes, right now in 2016, I’m predicting a Superbowl appearance by 2021, not a Superbowl win. When will they actually win the Superbowl?


I believe the 2020s will be the decade of Mariota and the Titans. I don’t believe Mularkey will be our head coach, though. I respect the coach, but I feel like he’s going to have us mediocre for the next 3-5 years. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

It would be pretty neat if that Superbowl was Mariota vs Winston.


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