#AskTNS: Will the Predators make another run in 2017?


Your Questions Answered

@iam_alexf asks: As realistic as possible, what record do you think the Titans will finish with?

I hope for something like 10-6. But realistically, I think 6-10 at best. The Titans have a new coach, well a new everything pretty much. Our defense will win us some games, and so will Mariota. But there will still be some growing pains and a few key injuries to some players.

@matthew_mccleod_ asks: What do you think the Grizzlies will do in the offseason besides resign Conley?

I think they will resign Conley. Ha, just kidding. I know you said besides resign Conley. I believe they will make a splash in free agency to obtain some depth and three-point shooters, and an even bigger splash in the NBA draft. The NBA Salary Cap is rising once again, so I think GM Chris Wallace will take advantage.

@jakemonte83 asks: When were you most excited as a fan of any Tennessee team, and when do you think that team will make you excited again?

I was most excited for the Predators heading into their 2015-16 season because of their previous season. The excitement kind of faded throughout the season because of the inconsistency, however it came back in February and around playoff time. I think they’ll make everyone excited again in 2016-17. No doubt about that.

@mason_70_25 asks: What record will the Vols have?

I think they will go 7-5 this season. They have a tough stretch in the middle of the season. I think they’ll take the first two games, then lose to Ohio.

@matt_gemmell16 asks: Top ten (or 5) Titans/Oilers players.

I’ll do ten. Here you go! This is in no particular order. I just named the best players I could think of.

1. QB Warren Moon
2. RB Earl Campbell
3. QB Steve McNair
4. RB Eddie George
5. OL Mike Munchak
6. OL Bruce Matthews
7. DE Jevon Kearse
8. OL Kevin Mawae
9. LB Keith Bulluck
10. DE Kyle Vanden Bosch

@shawnfurr03 asks: Best improvements for the Titans?

I think they did a great job improving the run game. Although the offensive line is still a question mark, the run game should definitely be better in 2016. A better run game would propel Mariota’s career in Tennessee, so I feel that was very important.

@official_sam13 asks: Are there playoffs for Double-A Minor League Baseball?

Yes. It’s divided into many different leagues though.


@a_woods28 asks: Breakout star for the Nashville Predators next season? Will they repeat their great run?

The Nashville Predators had a inconsistent season. The inconsistency came back to bite them in the playoffs, unfortunately. Even though they contended with now- Western Conference Champions San Jose Sharks for six games, game seven was an entirely different story.

The Predators have said over and over that they aim to be more consistent next season. Head coach Peter Laviolette said they’ve learned so much these past two seasons. So they can only get better, right?

Remember the major run towards the playoffs? That all started when the Predators traded for Ryan Johansen, and seemingly lit a fire under Filip Forsberg. They went an entire month ripping through the NHL, and they found a way to barely slide into the NHL playoffs.

Because of that, I strongly believe either Forsberg or Johansen will be that guy that is a consistent threat to opposing teams. The Predators desperately need that one player the other guys can rally around. One, if not both, of said players may be that.

But, will Nashville repeat that huge playoff run?

Yes, no doubt. Like G.M. David Poile said, this team isn’t too far from being Stanley Cup bound. They just need consistency. I feel like they’ll be in the Western Conference Finals next season. But, they’ll be in the Stanley Cup Finals in about two or three after that.


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