ALERT: Nashville sports is on a rapid rise!


You can’t forget the great season by the Predators, which had them falling just short of their first Western Conference Finals appearance. Honestly, that team has so many talented players on the roster, they aren’t just a player away from a Championship. They are just some consistency¬†away!

Just win, baby!

The “IT” city is definitely on the rise. The great city of Nashville is growing at an outrageous rate; nearing Memphis, the state’s current largest city, in population. They’re just steps away from taking their first Championship of some sort: Tennessee’s biggest city.

So, this doesn’t go against my logic that bigger cities have more successful teams. I believe the correlation there is nothing but true.

But I don’t mean “big” as in “population”, I’m talking about “big” as in “popularity”. Take San Antonio for example. The city is pretty popular among Americans and beyond, and their basketball team, the Spurs, attracts stars which keeps it consistently at the top. That could have a lot to do with Greg Popovich, though.

Los Angeles is another example. Either the Clippers or the Lakers are going to be a threat. That’s just the way it is there. Which bandwagon are you going to be on this season?

Up next? Nashville! The city’s popularity and growth could attract top stars to the Predators or Titans in free agency. Believe it or not, stars take the living area into consideration when choosing a team.

Maybe that’s why Peyton Manning chose Denver over Nashville? Nah. Nashville is better.

Anyways, I mentioned before that the Predators are good and were just a win away from history, but what about the Titans?

Their record doesn’t show the rise they’re on. However, numbers definitely can lie. The Titans had a boatload of talent pour onto the roster in the last two offseasons, and they have two first round picks in the 2017 NFL Draft. Most NFL analysts are giving this team about three years before they’re a legitimate threat. But it could be less.

Let’s say a few of the offensive talent live up to their expectations, 2016 would be one heck of a season. But the biggest question mark that will make or break that offense is Mariota’s protection.

Keep him off the ground and in the endzone! Is that asking for too much? Probably.

And don’t get me started on those Nashville Sounds. They’ve won 18 of their last 20, by the time you read this it’ll probably be 19 of their last 21, and they no longer seem to be a laughing stock to Nashvillians.

“Want to go to a Sounds game?”

“Sounds game? Ha! No.”

Yes. That was the usual conversation. Now the response is, “Heck yeah!”

Vanderbilt sports is kind of unclear. Derek Mason, their head coach of the football program, is being trusted to build the Commodores up and make them a threat in the SEC. He’s been at head coach for two seasons.

Has it been two?

And he hasn’t had a winning record yet. But, patience is key. Patience leads to great things.

Just breathe. And wait.

The basketball program has talent, they just need the right coach to push them over the top. Their new head coach, Bryce Drew, is expected to be that guy. With Damian Jones and Matthew Fisher-Davis, plus more, that crew isn’t too far from being SEC threats.

Truthfully, the real team in Nashville that definitely has hit its prime is the Predators, but don’t rule out the Titans. It should be exciting for Nashville sports fans in the next decade.

Let me not forget to mention that Nashville’s indoor football league teams are multi-Champions.

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