6 best responses to Titans Superbowl scenario!


You might be saying, “This will never happen in a million years!” You could be right. And if you are, none of us will be around to witness the Titans win their first Superbowl. So, why not have some fun with it now? Tennessee Sports on Instagram asked its followers what’s the very first thing they would do when the clock runs out and the Titans are officially Superbowl champions. They didn’t disappoint. The answers were pretty creative.

The first thing I’d probably do is run from my house to Nashville Broadway with a bowl of hot wings in one hand, because I always enjoy a bowl of wings on Superbowl Sunday, and celebrate with Titans nation! It would be a pretty long run, though. It wouldn’t matter, I’d be too happy to notice.


Maybe, while watching the game, put something that’s made of class near you, so when they win you could just run outside and break it. Let out that excitement by breaking glass! There’s no law against it. Is there?


Just buy everything out of happiness, then tomorrow wonder why your bank account is in the negatives.


Beer is always a great way to enjoy a Superbowl win, huh?


Smart. I know a LOT of people will be betting against the Titans. Besides, what makes them one of the most despised teams in the NFL? Is it the Buffalo Bills fans of 1999?


Ha, good one.


Or you’d just take your flying car to the Superbowl site and be there within three minutes. Or maybe you would take a newly operated space plane to Mars, which will host the Superbowl for the first time in history. Y’know, just the usual everyday things.


Many people may disagree, but the Titans will be Superbowl bound really soon. They have a quarterback with promise, a top 15 defense, and a developing offensive line and running game. If this team continues to grow, maybe we won’t have hover crafts or teleportation to get there.

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