Seven Titans poised for breakout season – Predicting their stats!

Brian Orakpo

There’s a great chance that all seven of these players will not have a breakout year simultaneously, but one or two of them will. The Titans had a wondrous off season full of convincing moves – some to make you think “there’s no way this team won’t be contenders in the next three years.”

If some of these players have breakout seasons, there’s no way the Titans aren’t meeting .500 in 2016. A lackluster 2015 season had sparks of hope, but the average Titans fan wouldn’t agree with that. The hope lied at the quarterback position. Marcus Mariota showed some promise among a pretty bad team. He still set records and had more touchdowns than interceptions. One could only imagine what damage he’d do on a contending team.

The one thing that is keeping some Titans fans from believing the hype is the guy calling the shots, Mike Mularkey. He has not had a great past as head coach. He’s had failed coaching attempts in Buffalo and Jacksonville. He spent part of 2015 on the Titans staff as the Tight Ends Coach, then was promoted to Head Coach after the organization said goodbye to Ken Whisenhunt.

You have to give the guy a chance, right? I mean, he has learned from his past mistakes and is using his third chance to redeem himself as a head coach. He’s a pretty old guy with some experience. Not to mention he has a great asset under his sleeve: getting along with players and making them fight for him. That’s why the following guys will have a phenomenal, breakout season.

Remember: These are all SEPARATE predictions. This is NOT saying all of these players WILL have these types of seasons simultaneously. If they do, then that’ll be great!

  1. RB Demarco Murray

His final two years in Dallas, before being released and sent to Philadelphia, was the best of his career. However, Murray chose Tennessee because he knows the system here works for him, and he’s ready to get the bad taste of 2015 out of his mouth and give the Titans what they desperately need: a dangerous runner. Murray will live up to expectations in 2016. He will run for 1,354 yards and 13 touchdowns. He will lead the Titans in rushing yards, of course, being the primary runner.

2. WR Kendall Wright

It’s been a long time since the Titans organization have had a dominant receiver. Kendall Wright will be the one who changes that. His career so far with Tennessee has been subpar. He has only cracked 1,000 yards once so far. But, 2016 will make that twice. He will have 1,220 yards receiving and eight touchdowns. He will lead the NFL in YAC, yards after the catch, and first down receptions. He will be Mariota’s biggest weapon.

3. WR Dorial Green-Beckham

He had a very productive rookie season. His numbers won’t wow you, but the promise he showed would. This guy stepped up tremendously in the absence of Kendall Wright. The Titans took a chance on drafting him. He had rumors circulating before the draft saying how immature he was. But, 2016 is the year he turns all those doubters into fans. He will have a huge year racking up 1,107 yards and seeing the end zone six times. He will have a pretty slow start to the season, but things will definitely pick up in Mariota’s first career game against the Texans week four, where they both will show up and show out.

4. DL Jurrell Casey

There’s not much to say because this man has had a phenomenal career with the Titans already, but this is the season the league finally takes notice. Jurrell Casey will be a force that drives this defense into the top five in the league permanently. We will watch him dominantly get 67 tackles and torment quarterbacks on his way to 11.5 sacks!

5. QB Marcus Mariota

He had a promising rookie season with the Titans, but he wasn’t comfortable. He was literally coming from college and thrown into a situation where he is expected to turn an NFL team around – all in the same year! Now that he has had time to settle down and realize his childhood dream come true, he is focused and ready to take that role as a leader. Mariota will quiet all his haters with a great sophomore season. Due to a more dimensional offense, Mariota’s interceptions will decrease just by three. He will have seven interceptions but 25 touchdowns. He will lead the NFL in passing yards, and will lead all QBs in rushing yards. Because this Titans team will be young, his leadership qualities will be put to the test, resulting in him becoming known as a QB that can spark a comeback-from-behind win, so teams will never rest easy against the Titans!

6. S Da’Norris Searcy

Michael Griffin is now gone, so the Titans are looking for someone to step up and be that leader that Griffin once was. Searcy will take that opportunity and seize it. He will be the reason rookies like Kevin Byard is also having himself a spectacular year. Searcy will culminate 71 tackles and four interceptions.

7. LB Brian Orakpo

He had a promising first season with the Titans after he was acquired from the Redskins. The Redskins will be regretful they ever gave up on the motivating Titans leader. Boosted from a big season, he will match his career high in tackles with 60, and come up with 11 sacks. He will be all over the field for the Titans, leading the NFL in tackles for loss.

Do you agree with these? And which one do you think is more likely to happen? Comment or tweet at TNS, links below!

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