#AskTNS: Will Paxton Lynch return to Tennessee as the primary starter?

Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos first round pick QB Paxton Lynch during his introductory press conference at Broncos headquarters April 29, 2016. (Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post)

Your Questions Answered:

@austin.chambers asks: How do you see coach Fizdale doing next season with the Grizz?

The Grizzlies aren’t a bad team, so it’s not like he’s going to take over a underperforming team. They have consistently been a force in the tough Western Conference. It’s up to Fizdale to keep Conley around, attract top free agents, and draft good players. If he does at least two of those things, I see him having a 50 win season.

@josegasol asks: How far you think they will get into the playoffs next season?

I think Memphis will advance to the Western Conference Semi-Finals, but fall short of advancing to the Western Conference finals. That’s my prediction, and if they make it further, I will gladly accept being wrong.

@matthew_mcleod asks: Who do you think are the top three players for the Grizzlies in the draft?

Some players I would personally like the Grizzlies to draft is Michigan State’s Denzel Valentine, instate talent Wade Baldwin, or Kentucky’s Tyler Ulis. I think those guys could potentially give the Grizzlies that automatic scorer from beyond the arc, which is what they are looking for.

@reece_orsbon asks: Do you think the Titans will at least make the playoffs?

Realistically, no. There will be some growing pain this season. They have a really young offensive line, young quarterback, and new coach. But as a fan, I say there’s a lot of potential on that roster that could propel the Titans tremendously the moment they hit it. A lot of people may not agree with the Titans strategy, but the Golden State Warriors used this same strategy (building your team through the draft, and banking on young players.) But that’s basketball.

@camr110 asks: Do you think the Titans will win the AFC South?

The Titans had a phenomenal offseason, but so did three other AFC South teams. The Colts have Andrew Luck back, the Jaguars are building a stout defense, and the Texans finally have a quarterback, I guess. So, if every single team has really improved, it might be a close race. However, as I mentioned in the question before yours, with growing pains I don’t see the Titans winning the division in 2016, but they definitely will in the near future.

@they_call_me_barley asks: What do you think the Titans record will be next year?

With the growing pains I mentioned in the two questions before, I say at LEAST 6-10, at MOST 8-8. But, that’s still having extremely high hopes for a team that went 3-13 in 2015. If I have to be like, realistic here, I’ll say 5-11. Yes, we’re all excited because of the moves Jon Robinson has made, but ONE offseason of moves doesn’t equal the Superbowl. It takes a few years of building.

@vfl13 asks: Do you think the Volunteers will be SEC Champs?

The SEC is a tough conference. If they can get past the teams they have a hard time beating, like Florida, they definitely have a shot. The hype is HIGH for the Vols heading into 2016. They have been in the Top 25 Early Rankings all year long, and one source even listed them as number one in the nation! This hype isn’t all for nothing, the Volunteers have some serious potential. SEC Champs? I can’t say yes or no to that. My best answer for you is it all depends on if the hype is true.

@titanfan13 asks: Will the Grizzlies make the playoffs with their new coaching staff?

Yes. I believe when their star power is back, they will get back to winning 50 games a season or more. The Grizzlies aren’t a bad team, and I say that a lot because a lot of NBA fans seem to forget the Grizzlies can most likely beat their team with a full roster. They seem to believe the Grizzlies are at the bottom of the barrel consistently.

@iamstafford14 asks:What Titans rookies will start day one?

More than likely Jack Conklin. That’s pretty much the only rookie I believe will get the starting job right out of the gate. However, I’ve been hearing a lot about Kevin Byard and how he is impressing the coaches. If he can have a standout preseason, I think he has a chance at starting day one.


@t8_mascari asks: What week will be Paxton’s first start?

I’m going to make a bold prediction here. I think the Broncos will use training camp and the preseason to put on a battle at the quarterback position. That’s when the first round draft pick out of Memphis, Paxton Lynch, will shine. I think Lynch will officially win over the coaching staff and fans when he’s the starter in the preseason game versus San Francisco on August 20th, putting on an impressive performance. Come week one of the regular season, he will struggle against Cam Newton and the Panthers, but will find his rhythm throughout the season. He will eventually bring the Broncos into Nashville on December 11th with a 7-5 record.

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