#AskTNS: Why isn’t Steve McNair in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Steve McNair

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Your Questions Answered!

@haden.hartgrove5 asks: What do you think the Vols record will be this year?

I think they will end up with a nine win season. A TNS follower asked me this same question before, and I told them 7-6. I think differently now. I believe the Volunteers are going to be somewhat of a contender this season.

@mason_chandler75 asks: How far do you think the Preds will get into the playoffs next year?

I believe they will make it to the Western Conference Finals. The traveling miles and lack of resting time in between each game killed their strength for game seven versus San Jose in 2016. So, depending on their opponent, I strongly believe they are Western Conference Finals bound, at least, in 2017.

@a_woods28 asks: Any more information on the Nashville soccer team? Possible names for the team?

The latest information on the Soccer to Nashville movement is that there are two different investor crews bidding for two different types of leagues to land in the Music City – USL and NASL. Nashville can only support one, so the two crews may have to pitch their ideas to the city, and the city will eventually choose one. A stadium and team name will come later down the road. The expected time for this team to be completed and ready to battle is 2018, so you can expect a team name maybe later this year or anytime next year.

@d.j728 asks: What star do you think the Preds could land?

A star Nashville could land is one that’s kind of already on their team – Ryan Johansen. He’s a free agent this summer, and he has already expressed interest in staying in Nashville. The Predators aren’t far from contending, so retaining players like Johansen and Forsberg is crucial to sustaining their success.

@camr110 asks: Who could the Titans get to improve their offensive line?

I think they should continue building it through the draft. It’s a better strategy. The offensive line they are putting together now I think will be pretty decent this season. They’re young, and young means potential. If they live up to the expectations, the Titans will have a pretty nasty offensive line for a decade and a half.

@lperko3 asks: Should Nashville get an MLB, NBA, or WNBA team? If so, which?

I think the city of Nashville would mostly thrive off of an MLB team. They have a football and hockey team, that takes up the city from September to at least March. That leaves the summer with absolutely nothing – but a Sounds game. An MLB team would virtually have no competition in Nashville, so the fans would be all theirs. However, I think a basketball team would be beneficial as well, in respect to the Nashville Sounds. Basketball is the only sport Nashvillians can’t enjoy locally. In order to see a live pro basketball game, they’d have to travel three hours down the interstate to Memphis.


@brody_hays_10 asks: Why is Steve McNair not in the NFL Hall of Fame?

That is a question I’ve always asked. I mean, he’s been a nominee year after year, but has never made it to the finale. I think the lack of Superbowls ruins his reputation as a quarterback. His team became just a yard short from solidifying his efforts in becoming a Pro Football Hall of Famer. Today, it doesn’t matter how much you help your team, what matters the most is how many Superbowls you win. I personally feel like that doesn’t ever define a person’s career in the NFL, but unfortunately not everyone agrees with that. It’s great to see that he was inducted into the Mississippi and Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame. Maybe that’ll make it more possible for him to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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