#AskTNS: Can Nashville host a Superbowl? 

nissan stadium

Your Questions Answered:

@a_woods28 asks: With Nashville’s soccer team named and all, will they get a separate stadium or play at a pre-existing field like Nissan Stadium?

The Tennessean said that the USL is requesting that this team receives their own stadium. The investor group may have to present their ideas to the city, and the city could get it done through 2017. That is my guess. There is very little information as for now on this new soccer team other than their team name and logo. Stay tuned to TNS as I’m sure a stadium idea will be coming in the near future.

@lperko3 asks: Should Titans get a veteran WR? Not to start, just to give tips to the young receivers.

That would be beneficial. However, they have a pretty good receivers coach, so that isn’t very necessary. Kendall Wright and Delanie Walker are leaders who could set the tone for the younger offensive players. I know Walker isn’t a receiver, but he’s still a veteran that the Titans already have under contract.

@_kpfaff asks: With two good SFs, will the Grizzlies look to keep Matt Barnes?

Nope. He’s with the Kings now.

@memphis.grizz asks: How can the Grizzlies keep Barnes? Money wise? (Like how does that work)

They can’t. He’s gone now. He’s with Dave Joerger in Sacramento

@titanfan13 asks: Do you think Alabama will be good still without Titans new RB Derrick Henry. I think Vols can win it this year!

Alabama is Alabama. Most likely yes, they will be pretty good this year without Derrick Henry. I agree with you though, the Vols are receiving high praise and have the tools to upset a lot of teams this year.

@mason_chandler75 asks: What do you think the Vols record will be?

I think they will win between 7-9 games this season. They have a manageable schedule; they just need to finish games. There’s four quarters in football!

@br3nd3n.5___ asks: Will the Preds do (good?) with P.K?

He’s a younger Shea Weber. Let me just say that. Nothing against Shea. He’s a homegrown captain, well respected in Smashville, and poured his heart out every night on the ice in Smashville. So respect to him. However, he was getting pretty worn out, and trading him for a younger version of him was very smart by David Poile, the Predators G.M. I believe they will be more explosive, and Subban can really aide other Predators players that kind of need that partner in crime.

@taylorjmetz asks: What will the Grizzlies record be next year?

There’s no doubt the Grizzlies will be back to normal, if injuries doesn’t occur again. With Joerger, they were a lower-50-win team. I believe they will be better with David Fizdale, so I’m giving them a win total in the higher 50s, like 57-59. I don’t think they’ll crack 60.

@brody_hays_10 asks: When will the Titans be back?

Titans general manager Jon Robinson is making bold moves that will undoubtedly put the Titans back in business. It’s not going to happen overnight though. I say we should patiently give the Titans 3-5 years to really improve and gel together. The team is young, but I once said that the Titans will be a team that will dominate the 2020s, and I stand by my word.

@john_rice35 asks: What are the chances of getting Mario Chalmers back to Memphis? Will it happen?

I believe if the Grizzlies make a few roster movements, it could happen. But considering they just signed Mike Conley to the richest contract in NBA history, I don’t think it will. I actually hope they allow Wade Baldwin to back up Conley.

@matthew_mcleod_ asks: Who do you think will start for Grizz?

I say Mike Conley, Tony Allen, Chandler Parsons, Zach Randolph, and Marc Gasol. That’s just my opinion for now. Most likely that will change.


@pthombs asks: Chances Nashville gets a Superbowl in the near future with the growth of the city? If not, what needs to happen for that to occur?

I don’t know if you live in Nashville, but if you do then you know there’s tons of construction. That construction isn’t really expected to stop until about 2025. 

The growth of the city is slowly attracting bigger events, but the Superbowl is a HUGE event. So, Nashville would need to be better at the following things to even be considered by the NFL: a better transit system, more parking, better stadium, and more condos/hotels. 

Let me say this: a year or two ago, Nashville was hosting an event downtown. It wasn’t a big event. But on that day, one of my friends was trying to book a hotel because they wanted to have a hotel party. Somehow, every hotel he went to said they were sold out because of the event. Remind you, this was not a big event. 

Anyways, Nashville is currently on a plan, a ten-year plan that started in 2015, that is deemed to improve the city. One of the plans is to improve the transit system and to obviously build more condos and hotels – they’re popping up everywhere.

So that’s two things you will see in Nashville by 2025. By the time they figure all of that out, the parking situation would fix itself. If they have a great transit system, more hotels, and more condos, people wouldn’t feel the need to take their cars to Nissan Stadium. Instead, they would use the hopefully awesome transit system to get to the Broadway parties and to Nissan Stadium. 

If I had to guess when Nashville would finally host a Superbowl, it would be in the 2030s.

Thank you all for your questions!

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