#AskTNS: Predicting the Titans wins and losses.


@matthew_mcleod_ asks: Who do you think will be the backup bigs? We have Brandon Wright, JaMychal Green, Deyonta Davis, and Jarell Martin.

I think JaMychal Green and Brandon Wright will be the backup bigs. Green has shown some promise. I REALLY like his aggressive style of play. I would be surprised if he’s not one of the backups.

 @_kpfaff asks: Who will more productive? Jarell or JaMychal?

JaMychal. As I said in the question before, Green’s style of play is amazing and would be helpful for the Grizzlies when Conley and co. is on the bench resting.

@perkopatches asks: You play Pokémon Go?

No. I kind of think I should jump on that bandwagon though. Everyone is doing it!

@brody_hays_10 asks: Why did the Grizzlies give Mike Conley such a big contract when he’s not an All Star?

Because, the free agency period this offseason was all about the money. If Memphis didn’t max out, chances are he would’ve been in Dallas.

@shaun.caffrey asks: Which Vol do you see having the best chance at winning the Heisman?

I think Joshua Dobbs has a great chance, considering the quarterback position is the ultimate position a football team needs to succeed. If Dobbs is consistent, the Vols will be too.

@c_aleb79 asks: Who do you think will make the college football playoffs, would Tennessee be one of the 4, and why?

I think Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, and company have great chances of making it into those four slots this season. But will Tennessee be one? Ask me that in mid-October. It’s hard predicting the Vols this early because they are so unpredictable. They could have won so many more games last season if they would have finished the game.

@reece_orsbon asks: Do you believe the Titans could make playoffs using their new smash mouth offense? If so, do you think it’ll be because of Demarco and Derrick?

Yes, I believe they could. But, Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry will only be two-thirds of the reason why. Mariota’s consistency will have a LOT to do with it as well. The ultimate goal of that offense is to take pressure off Mariota and ware down the opposing team. So, if Murray and Henry are having a good game collectively, that’s obviously great. However, if Mariota isn’t capitalizing off of opportunites, then the Titans are just one-dimensional.

@taylorjmetz asks: What does the Harrison signing mean for the Grizzlies, like what will they do with him?

He showed promise in the D-League, so the Grizzlies are obviously impressed. I think his numbers and performance solidified him a chance to showcase his talents with the big boys this fall. I think you can expect to see him on the court sometime this season.

@d.j728 asks: Do you think the Preds will make another trade for a player that can help their future become even more bright?

I don’t think they’ll make another trade. If so, it won’t be as flashy as the P.K Subban-Weber one. However, I believe they’re going to continue to sign players that’ll add depth to their roster. The Predators are not too far away from being a contender, their future is as bright as it can get. Depth is probably the #1 thing on their list right now.

@titanfan13 asks: What’s the Titans record this year?

Good question. I will predict every game on the schedule. Here we go

vs. MIN W


.vs OAK L



vs. CLE W

vs IND L

vs. JAX L

@ SD L

vs. GB L



vs. DEN W

@ KC L


vs. HOU L


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