#AskTNS: When will Grizzlies win a championship?


Your Questions Answered

@titanfan13 asks: Are you a Vandy, Vols, or Memphis college fan? (Do you think we (the Vols) can beat Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and Texas A&M?)

One of the rules of #AskTNS is you can’t ask two different questions and expect two different answers. And your first question would be answered only. However, your first question was predicting the Vols record, and because I’ve answered that question one billion times, I thought I’d answer these two. So, I am not a legitimate fan of any team. I really like the Vols, that’s who I grew up watching. But, I pull for all of them. If any one of them won a championship, I’d be pretty happy. And to answer your second question, I feel like the Volunteers may pull an upset over Florida and they can probably beat Georgia, but I don’t see them winning vs. Alabama. I don’t know about Texas A&M, though. 

@brody_hays_10 asks: Is Mike Conley a Hall of Famer?

He’s a good player. He’s good enough for Memphis to win some games. However, he’s not a hall of famer. If he wins a few championships with Memphis in the next five years under his huge contract then maybe, just maybe, he will be considered one.

@whodatguy54 asks: What team do you think has the best chance of putting the Vols on Upset Alert?

If I had to take that guess, I’d say one of these three teams could upset the Volunteers: Appalachian State Mountaineers, Tennessee Tech, or Vanderbilt.

@reece_orsbon asks: Do you think that Mariota will be injured this season? If so, do you think it will be worse or better than both of his knee injuries?

I hope he doesn’t get injured. With that question, you are basically asking “Is the Titans O-line going to be stable this season?” And I really don’t know the answer to that. I thought they would be good in 2015, but boy I was wrong. If the O-line is good, Mariota won’t be injured. If he does get injured, it will be detrimental to his career.

@williamhuitt asks: Who do you think should be the Predators new captain?

I think Mike Fisher can be the Predators new captain. He’s a strong player, a leader, and a good person in one. He seems to bring the players playing around him up as well.

@gabe_dempsey11 asks: What would you do if the Titans go 0-16?

I would cry. I’d still be a fan though. But I would be really sad.

@thenorthremembers615 asks: Who do you think will lead the Titans in receiving yards? Besides Walker.

I am hoping the Titans use Kendall Wright in the slot. If that happens, I really believe Wright’s speed will give the Titans some great yards after the catch. If not Wright, then I think Dorial Green-Beckham is a great possibility.

@pajama_rackzx asks: Do you think Titans will bring out the Oilers jerseys soon?

I doubt it. I remember seeing online that the Titans are no longer able to wear the Oilers jerseys because of some NFL rule. I could be wrong on that, but I doubt they’ll bring them out anytime soon

@d.j728 asks: Preds winning Stanley Cup in 3-5 years?

I think they’ll win it sooner than that. Maybe in the next 2 years. Maybe next year.

@pthombs asks: Do you think Nashville will ever have an NBA or MLB team? If so, what needs to happen for that to occur.

Nashville is in line for an MLB team. No one knows when, but the city is in line for one. Once they’re awarded one, they will need to build a stadium for them and come up with the team’s identity.


@savvi_sauccin25 asks: Do you think the Grizzlies could see a championship in the future? Within 10 years?

Hmm, do I think the Grizzlies could see a championship? Within 10 years? My answer to that is a resounding yes! Look, Memphis isn’t too far from being championship ready. Well, they’re kind of far if you consider finding a shooter pretty difficult – which it is. If they can find some shooters that can hit from beyond the arc to keep up with teams like Cleveland and Golden State, then their chances will shoot up dramatically. Memphis is great in the paint, and the mid-range shooting is good enough. So, let’s go back to your time limit. You said 10 years. That’s 2026. I say it’ll take them about three of those ten years to finally load the roster with shooters, then it’ll take two years for Memphis to finally start clicking. By then, there may be some serious roster changes (like Vince Carter retiring and the fall of Zach Randolph), but by 2021, I see Memphis being legitimate title contenders.  


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