#AskTNS: Boldly Predicting the Championship winners

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Your Questions Answered

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@brody_hays_10 asks: Is Mularkey good for the Titans?

If I answer this question based off his past, I will say yes. His track record as a head coach isn’t anywhere near extraordinary, and he has a LOT to prove to the Titans fans and organization. But, honestly, I think he was a good choice for the Titans to make despite many fans saying it was the cheap/easy way to do things. The players have a tremendous amount of respect for him and he made some small improvements to the team after taking over mid-season.

@titanfan13 asks: How good do you think the Grizzlies will be record wise and as a team?

I believe the Grizzlies will be an upper-50-win team. I have them winning 56-58 games this season and being a team that not many pay attention to because they’ll be overshadowed by Golden State, however Memphis will be a sleeper team when it comes playoff time.

@whodatguy54 asks: How long will it be till the Titans can contend for the Superbowl?

I think it’ll be a good five years or so until we’re Superbowl ready. It’ll take us two years to finally start winning at least 10-12 games consistently, but that won’t necessarily mean we’re Superbowl ready. It’ll just mean we’re getting close.

@matthew_mcleod_ asks: What are Troy Williams and Troy Daniels roles going to be, and how much will they play?

I believe Troy Daniels will be used to shoot on the perimeter and be that three-point shooter Memphis needs. Now Troy Williams? From his stats, I think he was a good addition to the Grizzlies, however I have not done any research on him yet. Check back with me on my opinions on that next Sunday.

@stantonsweeney asks: Thoughts on Troy Daniels?

I think he was a solid addition. It’s not a flashy addition but it’s one that’ll help Memphis out in the long run. He shot over 40% from beyond the arc with Charlotte last season, and Memphis need a three shooter other than Mike Conley. Good pick up, in my opinion.

@memphis.grizz asks: How far do you believe Memphis can go this year?

I think they’ll head into the playoffs as a sleeper team, but they won’t get past Golden State. So, whenever they face the Warriors is how far they will go.

@jacksonwlea3 asks: What are your predictions for P.K Subban this year in Nashville?

I think P.K Subban is going to come up with 8 goals and 48 assists for the Nashville Predators. I also believe he is going to be a huge piece on the Power Play, coming away with at least 27 points.

@savi_sauccin25 asks: Do you think Grizzlies or Titans will be a dominant team? If so, who will be first and which players on the team will be key to their success?

I can’t tell if you’re asking which one of the two will be, or if both will be. But I think both will be, but the term dominant will be used differently here. Grizzlies will be a dominant team hands down. Not dominant as in ’15-’16 Warriors, but dominant as in pretty hard to beat. On the other hand, the Titans will be dominant on one end of the ball: defense. I believe their offense will struggle just a little this year simply because there’s some new faces that still need to pull together. But, the defense is being ran by the same face: Dick LeBeau. I guarantee you he won’t fail us.

@jake_sorrells_3 asks: What are the chances Tennessee Vols make the playoffs?

I think the chances are very high. I’d say like…95%. Wait, no, more like 85%.

@shaun.caffrey asks: Who is your personal favorite team in Tennessee?

I have an emotional connection to all of Tennessee’s teams. My emotions for the professional teams are deeper than the college. If any of the college teams lose, I am still kind of bummed but I’ll be okay. However, if the Predators, Grizzlies, or Titans lose, I am not happy until they win again. But, I’m sure you didn’t ask that question to get a lame “they’re all my favorite team” answer, so I’m going to be specific for you. If I had to choose one Tennessee team, it’ll be the Titans. I’ve been a fan for ten years, and I am REALLY emotionally connected to them. If they screw up badly, I usually slam my remote control down or something. And I am mad for that entire week until the next game.

@mason_7025 asks: Will the Titans defense be good this year?

Yes. Absolutely no doubt. LeBeau has some young talent to work with now, McCourty will be back, and that defensive line will be revamped this season and hungry. That defense will be in the top 10 for the entirety of the season.

@c_aleb79 asks: If you could pick any 3 players to the Grizzlies based on needs who would they be? They can be anyone even if we don’t have the chance at getting them.

If that’s the case, then I’ll pick Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, and Andrew Wiggins.

@br3nd3n.f___ asks: Which city has better pro sports teams Memphis or Nashville?

I’ll go with Nashville. The Predators have a great shot at contending, the Sounds are doing pretty good. But, this could go either way as the Grizzlies are much better than the Titans at winning in their sport, and the Tigers football team is pretty legit.


@t8_mascari asks: Predictions for winners of each Championship? (Superbowl, NBA Finals, World Series, CFP, Final Four, Stanley Cup)

Great question, but because I don’t follow MLB that much, I will leave that one out. I don’t have much knowledge on the sport to make an educated guess. Anyways, here you go:

Superbowl: I think Tom Brady and the Patriots will be on another revenge tour after being suspended and take the Superbowl.

NBA Finals: I think the Cleveland Cavaliers will repeat. It’s going to be a tie-breaker between the Cavs and Warriors.

College Football Playoffs: I think Clemson takes it this year.

Final Four: North Carolina. Why? No idea. I just feel it.

Stanley Cup: **BOLD PREDICTION** The Nashville Predators surprise the league and brings Nashville its first championship.


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