#AskTNS: Predicting the records of five TNS teams.

Titans vs Falcons

Your Questions Answered

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@iamstafford14 asks: What happened to the Grizzlies Chinese draft pick and Serbian pick? Haven’t seen them yet.

Your guess is as good as mine. I do know they participated in the Olympics. So, that’s probably why we haven’t really seen them.

@titanfan13 asks: Going to today’s Titans practice, what do you think about the team?

It was really nice meeting you all today! Thank you for coming out and being willing to meet me in the hot sun and all. I really liked the energy in today’s practice. The players seemed to rally around certain things, the coaches were involved a lot in the practice as well. Seeing 50+ year old Mike Mularkey halfway doing some drills with the players is a sight to see. Mariota seemed pretty sharp, DGB had an off-day, but I hope he pick things back up. Overall, it was a pretty good practice.

 @kendalofficial asks: I heard rumors that the Tigers are getting a new football stadium…is that true? I believe not, just wanting to make sure.

As far as I know, I don’t think that’s true. The only thing I’ve heard from the Tigers lately is that Justin Timberlake is helping push the Tigers into the Big 12 conference. Nothing about a new football stadium. By the way, what’s up, Kendal Wright? Ha.

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@br3nd3n.f___ asks: If you could put any NHL player on the Preds, who would it be and who would you replace them with?

Sidney Crosby from the Pittsburgh Penguins. I’d have him replace Mike Ribeiro.

@_bo32_ asks: Will Memphis ever have Rudy Gay again?

I don’t think Rudy Gay is household name for any other team, so chances are if he’s released at a good time the Grizzlies could pick him up. But, honestly, I don’t think the Memphis has any interest in bringing Rudy Gay back.

@memphis.grizz asks: When do you think the Grizzlies could make it back to the West Finals?

I feel like they could make it in the next 3-5 seasons. They’ve had a good offseason and a good draft, so a few more of those and they’ll be legit contenders in the NBA.

@bsbagraphics asks: Would you be interested in a top 5 Grizz countdown next season with me like you did with Grizzlies Den last year?

I would, but I can’t promise you anything yet. You kept saying check your D.M, but I seen nothing from you in it. One day, I’ll D.M you and we can talk about it.

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@stantonsweeney asks: In an alternate universe, in some way, if the Grizzlies SOME HOW traded for Steph Curry, which players would we have to trade to get him? I know this will never happen, but what if?

I think we’d have to give the Warriors Marc Gasol, Mike Conley, Tony Allen, Z-Bo, and a few draft picks for Stephen Curry. If even that. If that did happen, I would be happy, however I would be kind of upset. Curry is a good player, but he can’t do it all by himself. And to land him, we’d need to basically get rid of our entire starting lineup. Curry would have no one to work with.

@austin.chambers asks: If they could trade for him who would be the final piece to the Titans puzzle for them to become contenders?

If there’s anybody worth trading for in order for the Titans to become contenders, chances are they’re too good for us to easily trade for. I think the Titans will become contenders through the draft. I like how Jon Robinson and Mike Mularkey are giving the young guys chances to show themselves. In the past, Tennessee’s blueprint was to build through free agency and not attack the draft. But this season, our biggest non-draft move was landing DeMarco Murray, but in the draft, Robinson hit a home-run in terms of strategy.

@brody_hays_10 asks: What is the biggest bust in Tennessee Sports history?

I’d have to go with Jake Locker. The guy had potential and talent. People always say he sucked, but I correct them by saying he didn’t really suck. When he was healthy, the Titans started the season around 3-1. After that, he got injured, then it went all downhill.

@reece_orsbon asks: How far do you think the Titans will go this season especially with all the new signing they have been making and with all the new rookies?

Not very far, honestly. I think they’ll win at least 6 games. At LEAST. I think they will miss the playoffs for just one or two more years. Yes, they had a great offseason, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are Superbowl contenders. It just means they got a little better.

@savi_sauccin25 asks: How far away are the Grizzlies and Titans from being an elite team? And what steps do you see them taking to get closer to that?

The Grizzlies aren’t too far. They’ve been as high as you can get in the mediocre column. This offseason is an example of steps they’ve taken to get closer to that elite status. They hired a coach that has tremendous amount of potential. They landed a top-tier free agent, which the franchise has rarely done – if ever. And they resigned Mike Conley to a statement-making deal. And the Titans? They’re pretty far away, but they are making strides to get there. This offseason under Robinson is showing this fan base much promise. If Robinson can pull together a few more off seasons like it, the Titans will be legit within the next few years. But, as for now, the Titans are far from elite.

@pajama_rackzx asks: Do you think Tajae Sharpe become the starter week one?

Sharpe has tremendous potential, but with DGB, Andre Johnson, Kendall Wright, and co., I don’t see him easily being a starter. My answer to that question could definitely change come week 3 of the preseason.

Headlining Question!

@shaun.caffrey asks: What do you think the Titans, Predators, Grizzlies, Vols, and Commodores records will be this year? (Vols and Vandy are CFB)

I asked you all a question similar to this a few days ago, so I guess it’s my turn to give my predictions! Here we go!

Titans: 8-8 – The Titans made some bold moves this offseason. I don’t see how they could still be a 3-win team anymore. I believe Mariota will have a good sophomore season, but the Titans will still struggle due to a young team and a new front office/coaching staff.8-8 is my guess if 6-10 doesn’t happen.

Grizzlies: 57-25 – The Grizzlies don’t suck; people keep saying they do. They are getting their star power back under a new coach and the 2015-16 season has them angry and hungry for better. I see them surprising the league with 57 wins.

Predators: 54-20-8 – I think the Predators are going to be legit this season building off of last season’s momentum. Now they have P.K Subban to add to their mix of dangerous players with exceptional speed.

Volunteers: 9-3 – The Volunteers won’t beat Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. But everyone else? Psht.

Vanderbilt: 4-8 – Vanderbilt’s football team under Derek Mason will show a little more promise, but they won’t get over the hump just yet.

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