#AskTNS: Which TNS team will be the most successful?


Your Questions Answered!

@kendalofficial asks: What’s your opinion on this HOF game cancellation?

I am highly frustrated to the max. The NFL Decoration of Field Specialist should be fired. I don’t know if that’s his actual job title, it just sounds fancy.

@d.j728 asks: I think we need a number 2 center with experience for the Preds. Who do you think we should trade for that?

I think if they target a center in a trade, they should trade a center. Just my logic. Maybe Paul Gaustad or Colton Sissons could be tradable along with something else like a draft pick. However, I’m still learning how hockey works. It seems to be more complex than NBA and NFL, so excuse me if I sound stupid with this answer.

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@savi_sauccin25 asks: Any bold predictions headed into the season for the Grizzlies and Titans?

Grizzlies will finish 3rd in the West and fall one game short of an NBA Finals appearance. Mike Conley will have his first All-Star game appearance. The Titans will finish the season 11-5, Mariota will be MVP, and Derrick Henry will slowly, but surely, take the starter role over DeMarco Murray and finish the season Rookie of the Year.

@kylexm asks: Who do you think the Vols will face in the SEC Championship? I think LSU, but I could be bold there. Ha.

This is a pretty bold prediction as is because it’s so precise. So I’m going to continue being bold on this one. I say they’ll face Ole Miss.

@justinjuranek asks: What will the Titans final record be? #AskTNS

If you read my bold prediction above, you’d see that I said 11-5. Again, that’s bold. I don’t think they’ll actually go 11-5 so I will guess 7-9 or 6-10. We’re going to see an improved team on the field, but they won’t be ready to be above .500 yet.

@stantonsweeney asks: Are you watching the Olympics?

Nope. I am not. I don’t know why I’m not.

@truuu_blue asks: Who do you think the Titans toughest opponent will be in the AFC South this year?

Their toughest opponent will be the Jaguars. The Texans overpaid a pretty average QB, and the defense will run over the Colts offensive line.

@memphis.grizz asks: Do you think the Grizzlies should go after Nerlens Noel next off season??

It wouldn’t hurt. Numbers are showing that Z-Bo is on the decline. The Grizzlies shouldn’t get rid of him because he is a good value to the team, however getting a guy like Noel would help take pressure off of Z-Bo.

@t8_mascari asks: Who will make the Grizzlies final roster?

  1. Mike Conley
  2. Tony Allen
  3. Vince Carter
  4. Z-Bo
  5. Marc Gasol
  6. Troy Daniels
  7. Chandler Parsons
  8. JaMychal Green
  9. Andrew Harrison
  10. Wade Baldwin
  11. *Mario Chalmers*
  12. James Ennis

I  know there’s 15 spots on the roster, but this is 12 I believe will be on the roster for sure.

Headlining Question

@josegasol asks: Who will have the best season out of all Tennessee sports teams?

That’s easy for me to answer. I don’t know if you mean college football and basketball with this question, but I’m going to give my answer for each pro team on why I feel like they’ll be the most successful or not, then I’ll give my answer on one or two college team(s) for both football and basketball.

Nashville Predators: They’re coming off two very productive seasons, even though the 2015-16 season had a rough start, they finished strong with a deep playoff run and found themselves just one game shy of their first Western Conference Finals appearance. This isn’t all a fluke, the Predators are FOR REAL, and they may just bring a championship to Nashville very soon.

Tennessee Titans: They had a really productive off season under new management, and there’s promise in Nashville. However, I feel like they won’t be more successful than the two other teams in this state. They will be a middle-of-the-pack team, finishing with a record that’ll land them somewhere around 16th in the NFL overall. But to be fair that’s a huge jump from finishing 32nd.

Memphis Grizzlies: They will easily be the second best professional team in the state with all of their star power back on the court. I think they’ll finish top 5 in the west and fall short of a West Finals appearance. But the season will create a spark of hope and promise for the future.

CBB: Vanderbilt, under new coach Bryce Drew, will be a top team again. They will create some noise in Nashville and take March Madness by storm.

CFB: The Volunteers are an easy answer for this, however don’t sleep on the Tigers. I’d say it’s a draw between these two football clubs. They could both bring some CFB attention to the state of Tennessee.

Thank you for your questions!

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