#AskTNS: The 2016 Tennessee Titans are definitely better than 2015.

              Your Questions Answered!

No. They faced a struggling Dolphins team, so this win doesn’t really show much. However, it does show that the run game is dominant and the team has the ability to feast on bad teams. That shows that this team improved to mediocre from absolutely terrible. 

I don’t think the Predators are going to be a team that just make noise in the offseason. The Preds are for real – they legitimately give the city of Nashville a shot at a championship. Trading for P.K Subban is a great move by Nashville’s G.M, and it’ll show all season long.

I don’t think Tennessee will beat Alabama. Tennessee’s habit of starting slow came back to haunt them vs. Texas A&M, and it’ll do the same vs. Alabama. As far as Kamara starting over Hurd, I don’t think so. Hurd is suffering from a little injury and should be fine and back soon.

The Minnesota Vikings have thus far. Losing Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson would make you think this team’s season is already over, but they are riding towards the sunset with Sam Bradford of all quarterbacks. 

College football. Honestly, if the Titans didn’t exist I wouldn’t care about the NFL. College football is very fun to watch depending on the teams on the field.

I think he’ll play about 65-70. 

If Tennessee fall to Alabama, it would hurt Tennessee’s chances dramatically. That game needs to be made up and the SEC commissioner is working on that. 

I think it’s likely that Sack City Bosses, Team Jenkins, Team Manuele, or Dittle Island will win it.

The Predators’ shot at a championship heavily relies on Pekka Rinne. Nashville got pretty close last season, but inconsistencies cost them. Nashville needs to find a way to get consistent production out of their goalie.

According to some sources, it dramatically dropped their chances of winning the SEC East (from an 85% chance to 63%), but I personally believe the Volunteers kept their identity despite losing. The season isn’t turned upside down now. They’re okay.

Maybe they should, but they’re not going to. The NFL’s ratings are dropping, and they need a reason to keep it up. Plus, Odell is fun to make fun of. What is the NFL without Odell? No Fun League. 


What’s up, @savi_sauccin25?

In today’s Titans vs Dolphins game, everything clicked. It was definitely a fun game to watch.

Not every game will you have EVERYTHING going your way, but I strongly believe they made much improvement from last season, and that showed today, in the run game especially. 

Last year, the team struggled mightily vs a bad Dolphins squad who had just fired their head coach. This season, the team looked much better. The Titans are no longer bad. I believe they’re now mediocre, which is a solid step forward

                     TNS RECORD UPDATE 


Tennessee Titans  (2-3)

Nashville Predators (First game FRI)

Memphis Grizzlies (1-1) PRE 


9 Tennessee Volunteers 5-1

*AP Poll update to be released Monday 

TSU Tigers 4-1

Memphis Tigers 4-1 

MTSU Blue Raiders 4-1

Vanderbilt Commodores 2-4


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