TNS Must Watch Games of the Week!


My must-watch game of the week is the Titans vs Chargers. This game is CRUCIAL for Tennessee to stay relevant in the NFL this year. The Chargers are the first TRUE test since the Oakland Raiders game. This is where they will truly separate themselves. I predict the Titans will win 29-26.


Memphis vs. Clippers, it’s a great rivalry game to me, and, it’ll be tough, but the Clippers winning this one unfortunately, I predict it going down to the wire. Clippers 94-89.

Titans vs. Chargers, must watch! I’m going to say we actually get the special teams going. As of late, our special teams have either been non factors or simply negative to the team. I’m saying we rack up big return yards and possibly Marc Mariani’s first punt return TD for us in a long time.

Most intriguing game is Titans and Chargers. It will be the real test to see how we hang against a good team that’s proven themselves by beating Denver in a prime time game, and also since the Titans are historically bad on the west coast it’ll be a good chance to see how a long trip tests us


Most intriguing Titans and Chargers. Should be high scoring

Definitely clippers and grizzlies for me. Marc gasol is finally healthy and hit four threes last night. I think they have a chance to do well against the Clippers


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