Which games should you watch this week?


                     TNS Prediction Team:

#TNS: “My pick? Predators vs Blues. This is a good rivalry match up that should come down to the wire. I think the Blues will win but it will be close.” – G/T Thurs. at 7pm/ct

#Tenn2k: “Titans Vs. Packers, because they just took a loss to a team they shouldn’t have lost to. Both Offenses should be good against these tough Defenses.” – G/T Sunday at noon

#Pat: “Titans vs Packers. We absolutely cannot afford to go 4-6. 5-5 isn’t pretty, but it isn’t nearly as damaging as being 2 games below .500 coming up on the last quarter of the season. This game could quite possibly be the “now or never”. #TitanUp” – G/T Sunday at noon

#T-Tron: “Titans vs Packers. This is a test to see if we can bounce back and play with full potential against one of the better teams in the NFL.” – G/T Sunday at noon 

#AsianSensation: “Blues vs Preds:The Preds have had little success early this season. They are falling behind constantly and cannot seem to handle anyone in overtime. The same problems plagued the team two years ago when Peter Laviolette took over. The Blues are a solid squad and not an opponent that the Preds can over look. Look for the Preds to be aggressive early and try to stop the Blues steady attack.” – G/T Thurs. at 7pm/ct

#CoachEnglish: “Game of the week is Tennessee and Kentucky. The SEC EAST is at stake!” – G/T Sat at noon

         Give your own predictions here!


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