Why the Titans will & won’t beat the Chiefs.

It’s been one heck of a ride this season. The season is coming to a close, and for once Titans fans aren’t looking towards the draft. Instead, their eyes are set on this Sunday when the Tennessee Titans visit the AFC West leaders, the Kansas City Chiefs . The Titans are going to have a tough time getting in their usual groove vs. a hot Chiefs squad, but a win is very much possible because this Titans squad is not too bad either.

The  division is up for grabs. Both teams are fighting to stay alive in the playoffs, but honestly the Chiefs have it better than the Titans right now. The Chiefs are being chased in their division, while the Titans are doing the chasing. These Mike Mularkey-led Titans want to control their own destiny come week 17 when the Texans parade into town, but in order to do that, they need two wins these next two weeks.

Why they will win: This team is red hot and has been hot since demolishing the Miami Dolphins. The quarterback play looked a little awry versus the Broncos on Sunday, but let’s face it, he was facing one of the best secondaries in football: The “No Fly Zone.” Marcus Mariota did, however, make things happen with his legs, and the playcalling was creative enough to mask Mariota’s poor performance. If Mariota does more of that improvisation against the Chiefs, the Titans will find themselves with a lead once again. The Titans absolutely need Mariota’s versatility, and they need Demarco Murray to be consistent.

Mike Mularkey has the Titans playing physical football this season.They will pound the opposing defense and torture the opposing offense all game – atleast they try. That kind of football pays off big in December  (and January) in the NFL. Because the Titans are used to the physicality, it won’t affect them as much as it will their opponents, who by halftime will be too worn out to try and defend Murray and Derrick Henry, all while making sure Mariota isn’t sneaking away with the ball. 

Why they won’t win: Biggest understatement of the day: The Kansas City Chiefs are good. This team will fall behind, so do not get hype if the Titans take an early 17-0 lead. The Chiefs are masters at comeback wins. Kansas City loves playing things close. They will keep the Titans in the game. However, the talent and better coaching of the Chiefs could be enough for them to run away with a win. Andy Reid is one of the most underrated coaches in the NFL. He thrives in close, competitive games, and the Chiefs quarterback, Alex Smith, is hard to defend. He just might have a field day against a lackluster Titans secondary.

This Titans vs Chiefs game is a primetime game in disguise. Both teams have been hot as of late, both teams have great quarterbacks, and both teams have a thing for second-half-surges. This game is a can’t-miss.

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