#AskTNS: Will the Titans win out and make the playoffs? 

              Your Questions Answered:


Not quite sure which Vanderbilt team you’re talking about here. Football: Not quite. Basketball: Back to what?

No. I’m sure Mike Conley isn’t the MAIN reason why. This team is just inconsistent to say the least. They’ll get it together. 

The Titans. Grew up watching them. However, I just became a Grizzlies and Predators fan in 2015 and I’m building a LOT of love for them. 

This question is kind of an insult as I sit here in my Marcus Mariota Jersey enjoying a huge W. “Fav second NFL team?” Is that even such a thing? #TitanUpAllDaySon 

Not very far. Maybe one-and-done OR two and out. But just making the playoffs should be a blessing itself for us Titans fans.

I think so. They can beat the Jaguars and handle Houston to give them their first divisional loss. The Jaguars are absolutely terrible and the Texans aren’t that good either. Not being biased here, but the Titans are the best team in this division, despite what divisional records might say.

Read the answer to the question before yours.

Nah, not a trap game. I think Mike Mularkey will make sure their mindset is not “we will easily beat the Jaguars” but “Any given Sunday. We can’t underestimate our divisional rivals.” We will beat the Texans. Last time the Titans faced Houston they were still learning the system and fixing up some glitches. This Titans team is totally different than what the Texans previously seen. I think the Titans will find a way to bury Houston. 

Nope. But I used to.

Because there was not much demand for them, that’s one reason. Reason number two…oh nevermind that’s the only reason.

There’s a question somewhere up there ☝ that has your answer.

Good question!

Most shocking: Easily the Tennessee Titans

Most depressing: Easily the Tennessee Volunteers. That meltdown was really, really sad.

I believe they’ll finish 6-6 again, but they’ll get off to a hot 3-0 start before facing Alabama.

I believe it’ll be a high scoring affair (both teams will finish in the 30s or 40s) and I say Tennessee will escape with the victory over Nebraska.

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Thank you all for your questions! The next #AskTNS event will be January 15th, 2017! 


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