Tennessee Sports screams “INCONSISTENCY!”

Now that we’re fully through the Titans season, (last game is this Sunday – the only meaningless game this season for them), and half way through the Grizzlies and Predators season, it’s time for some analysis on Tennessee Sports.

Prior to the sports seasons, the Titans and Predators were highly praised. Both teams made spectacular offseason moves and looked like they were finally ready to turn that corner. Well, the Titans did. The Demarco Murray trade was pretty much a robbery of the Eagles, and the much-loved rookie General Manager Jon Robinson capped that off by drafting a top-knotch offensive lineman, a fantastic rookie running back, all while getting a few steals late in the draft. That all culminated into the Titans FINALLY being contenders again – contenders in each of their games, not Superbowl contenders. Jon Robinson has the city of Nashville completely on board with these new look Titans…but what about that hockey team across the river?

Coming into the 2016-17 season, the Predators were highly believed to be this season’s Stanley Cup contenders. Now, halfway through the season, they seem far from it. The Predators’ problems lie in multiple different areas. They have brutal speed that can kill opponents, and it’s shown its ugly head versus top-notch opponents like the Penguins. But the Predators have been saying they haven’t found their “groove” yet all season so far. I think they better find it soon. Good news though, Ryan Johansen is going on another point streak, the same one he went on last season before rampaging the NHL and sending the Predators sky-rocketing towards the playoffs and through it. They eventually lost fuel and landed in the water, where they were eaten by Sharks. Get it? No?…well anyways, the Predators need to get things going.

The Grizzlies are highly inconsistent. They would win five in a row then lose some. The scary, and disappointing, thing is: this team can be highly competitive and intimidating. But, when your coach rests your best players against top tier teams, how do you expect them to get any better and show true potential? Marc Gasol has been on a tear. He usually has about 16-19 points at halftime! But, one thing I noticed this season, and definitely in the last two games, is there is something different with David Fizdale’s Grizzlies than Dave Joerger’s Grizzlies. It’s not something good either. Something is a bit off and I’m not liking it. David Fizdale hasn’t earned my approval yet. 


The common theme this season for all Tennessee Sports pro teams so far is inconsistency. The Titans hit the .500 mark six times,  (SIX..is that an NFL record?), before finally getting above it. They defeated teams like the Lions, Dolphins, Broncos, and Chiefs, but couldn’t defeat teams such as…well let’s just say the AFC South. The Titans are really close to being playoff bound and Superbowl contenders, no I’m not joking…SUPERBOWL contenders, because of their never-say-die attitude and leadership at the quarterback position. They just need to win in their division. The Predators are just wildly inconsistent. They have been for a few years, and that’s why they can’t make it far in the playoffs. The Predators need one, if not a few, of their playmakers to actually put the puck INTO the net. Not over it, not past it, not off the crossbar, but IN it! Goodness. And don’t even get me started on the Grizzlies. 

To wrap it up, I’ll say this. We are in that weird period of Tennessee Sports where our teams are in the middle of it all. They’re not bad, they’re not good, they’re just right there in the middle. You don’t know what to expect from them on any given day. But these periods usually lead to tremendous success down the road.


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