#AskTNS: Should the Titans draft Mike Williams? 

                Your Questions Answered

I see the Grizzlies being one of the higher seeds. I think this squad is inconsistent, YET they know how to win when it matters. I believe they will last about two rounds in the playoffs. They’re too inconsistent, in my opinion, to make it far, however they have a thing for beating good teams.

I like Desmond King or Marlon Humphrey. Those would be solid picks. I know it’s not possible to take both but if they could that would be tremendous!

I think they have a legitimate shot at signing any top corner in free agency. They have all the cap space a team can ask for, so they can pretty much see what a top tier cornerback wants, and try to negotiate something from there.

If J-Rob wants to give it a go, I think they should go after Alshon Jeffrey. That’ll just add another peice for Mariota. However, I don’t think he’s a J-Rob type guy. Dont’a Hightower is another guy I think they should go for, and maybe Trumaine Johnson. 

Quite frankly, they need to build on this win streak. I know that sounds like a lazy, “No, Duh” type answer but it’s true. They can’t continue to be inconsistent. It was around this time of the year that Nashville picked things up and made a great run into the postseason. So, I think they’ll be ok.

Reports are saying tight ends coach Larry Scott may be promoted to offensive coordinator. 

I think Dobbs will go late in the first round. If not, then late second or third round. That’s ONLY if an NFL team believes he can adjust to the NFL. He’s a talented QB that a lot of NFL squads need, but the big question is can he adjust from the college style to a standard NFL offense. Not a lot of analyst are high on him though.


This is the question that I hoped would be asked. Congrats Brody Hays, you asked it and your reward is the illustrious headlining question!

My answer is no. And I hope Jon Robinson doesn’t draft him. Here’s why:
Every year, there are a few players that are hyped and praised because they play on one of the best teams with a championship system intact so they look fantastic. Williams, this season, is one of them. Yes, that guy has talent that an NFL General Manager should bank on, but the Titans are NOT in dire need of a receiver. The Titans have Rishard Matthews, a rising star in Tajae Sharpe, a Pro Bowl TE in Delanie Walker, and a running back who can catch from the backfield and get yards afterwards. Not only that, but the Titans offense is geared for the run. They will run the ball no matter what. That’s what their offense is designed to do.

So Matthews, Sharpe, Walker, and Murray is good enough to get the job done if the run game is stable.

The Titans can, no doubt, get a talented WR later in the draft to compensate for losing Kendall Wright, but the Titans evidently need to build that secondary. The WR position did not hurt us all season. The secondary did.

Taking Mike Williams wouldn’t be bad, but it’s not the right move. It’s not at all.

Just my opinion, though.

         Thank you all for your questions!


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