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**NEW** There are people who are NOT in the playoff picture who faithfully does their predictions every week. Therefore, if you have regularly been late or just have not been doing your predictions this season, and you take atleast one automatic L  in these last few weeks leading up to the playoffs, you will lose your playoff spot. 

You can now have your predictions auto-picked. In case you have a busy weekend and can’t do your predictions, you will automatically select the teams OPPOSITE of your opponent. This will prevent automatic losses in situations you can’t control.

Because of the new autopick update, if predictions are late or you ask to do an autopick AFTER the deadline, you will lose five points. Especially if you are communicating and engaging in the TNSPT Casual chat! It takes nothing but one minute to do your predictions (out of the three days I give you) and 5 seconds to ask for an auto pick.


ARE: Zach Randolph scores 43 points in route to a Grizzlies win, which will be by 25 over a red-hot Warriors team.

NOT: Grizzlies defeat Warriors

ARE: Predators win big due to a hat trick by Ryan Ellis.

NOT: Blackhawks beat Predators.

If your bold prediction is: only stating a team will win, or stating something obvious (ex. Marc Gasol makes a basket) you will NOT win your tiebreaker.

If in one match-up both contestants have bold predictions that do not follow the rules, both will lose their match if they tie under any circumstance. 

How this works

The TNSPT is all about making educated or completely random predictions to the best TNS games the upcoming week has to offer. It’s your choice if you want to be conservative with your picks or highly bold. But, be careful, because you’re going head-to-head against your fellow TNSPT members. 

You get 10 points for every correct prediction. You lose 5 for every incorrect prediction, but you can’t veer off into the negatives – so once you’re at 0, you’re there.  If you feel like you and your opponent will tie at the end of the week, which would happen if you guys have mostly the same predictions, or if you feel like you’re destined to lose your match and have solid proof of it, you can take a risk. A Risk is changing your pick on a game prior to it starting. You only get one risk per week, so be careful! You can’t change your pick as the game is happening and once you take the risk you can’t take it back! You can only take a risk if it is apparent that you will lose your match or you and your opponent will tie, and it can’t be changed to match your opponents pick.

Not doing your predictions results in automatic losses in every phase of the game. Predictions will always be available to do on Friday, and the deadline is Sunday at 11:59pm. If there’s any reason why you have to do them beyond that point, let me know. It’s not a big deal if you have to, the reason for the deadline is so everyone can get in their predictions before the first predicted game. You can find the link to make your predictions at the top of this site.

Save the link to this site so you always have access to anything. You may all of a sudden decide you want to check your score or something, and asking me for the link won’t do you any justice.

To view our playoff format, scroll down. Otherwise, have fun putting your sports genius up against other people!

Playoff Format

Whoever is #1 at the end of it all is GUARANTEED a spot in the championship. Yes, you read that right. If you finish the season at number one, you’re going to the TNSPT Championship. But for the rest of you? You’ll be fighting for that other spot. 

TNSPT Playoffs Begins April 12th, and will last until the NBA and NHL Playoffs are over (seems very long, but not really). You will not be predicting individual games, instead you will choose which team will win a series and stick with that team throughout. Risks can still be made, but consult me first. The two who makes the TNSPT Championship will, of course, be choosing who they think will win the NBA and NHL Finals. Below is how the playoff format work. To know your seeding, click here and scroll down to the TNSPT Standings. Ten points will be rewarded for every time the team you choose wins their series. Get the most series correct to win your match-up. Tiebreakers will work the same way.

Round 1: Opening Round

One seed – BYE
Two seed – BYE

Three seed v. Six Seed

Four seed v. Five seed

Seven seed vs eight seed

Round 2: Semi Finals

M1: Two seed v. 7 or 8 seed

M2: 3 or 6 seed v. 4 or 5 seed

Round 3: Quarter Finals

Winner of M1 vs Winner of M2

Round 4: Championship

One seed vs Quarter Finals winner.

What will the number one seed do during the wait? He has an opportunity to still do his predictions, however his predictions won’t be for the public to see. While you are in the playoffs, you have ONE opportunity to “Ask the King” meaning you can sneak peek at his predictions for one game. You can decide whether or not to “steal” his prediction or not. Be careful though, the 1 seed has nothing to lose, so he could trick you!

To make sure it’s not too obvious who’s going to end at number one, you have two of ways you can become #1:

1. Well…win!

2. Beating the #1 person, no matter your record, will automatically SHOOT you up the rankings ESPECIALLY if he has the fire (🔥) emoji. The #1 person will drop, how far he drops depends on the ranking of the person he lost to. 

If the #1 person continues to win, then he’s just dominant. But just know, with this new format you have a target on your back at #1, because not only are #’s 2-12 battling each other to stay alive in the playoff race, they’re all working together to pull you from atop the TNSPT mountain.

There are only 14 weeks in the TNSPT H2H season.
Always check for the Prediction link on Fri. or Sat. If you need it, you can DM me separately for it. 

Each person is allowed only one risk per week. 


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