2017-18 season will be another big step in the right direction for Tennessee.


The Tennessee Titans’ NFL schedule was released on Thursday, and you could see the excitement the NFL schedule makers have about the young team. The schedule makers gave the Titans two primetime contests vs two of their arch rivals: a Thursday night game vs Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers, and a Monday night contest vs Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts. That’s two chances for the young Titans to prove to the nation just how much of a threat they are. Will they successfully do that? Below, I gave my score predictions for each of the Tennessee Titans 16 games, as well as who or what I think will be the main reason for our win or loss. Now, these predictions are based on last year’s Titans, BUT with a little twist. I am assuming in this prediction that the Tennessee Titans secondary has improved slightly. Other than that, I’m making my predictions based off last season’s Titans performance. Let’s do it!

Week one: vs. Oakland Raiders

The Tennessee Titans come out swinging in this one. It’s the first game, and the adrenaline is rushing. Marcus Mariota throws to Rishard Matthews for the first Touchdown of the game. Then, after a defensive stop, the Titans score again on their second possession with a drive dominated by the run game and ending in a one yard punch in by Derrick Henry. However, the game stalls for a while, then the Titans allow the Raiders to close that 14-point deficit. The game eventually ends on a beautiful drive by Mariota, resulting in a field goal by Ryan Succop to win the game.

Final: TEN 17 OAK 14

Week two: at Jacksonville

The Titans come into this game looking to have just their second 2-0 start since moving to Nashville. They start off kind of sluggish, giving Jacksonville a 10-0 lead. But, Marcus Mariota takes over the game by having one of his usual four touchdown games, giving the Titans a big win over their divisional rivals.

Final: TEN 31 JAX 13

Week three: vs Seahawks

The game starts off slow for both teams. Three and outs here, there, and everywhere. But, unfortunately for the Titans, Russell Wilson and the Seahawks gets things going first. Wilson throws the first touchdown of the game, then leads Seattle to a 10-0 lead going into the halftime break. Mike Mularkey gives them some kind of motivational speech or whatever he does at the break, and the Titans come out swinging. DeMarco Murray gets his first TD of the season by rushing to the outside and out-running the Seahawks defense for a TD. The score stays 10-7 for a while, and the Titans have a shot to tie the game with a drive from their own 14 yard line. However, Marcus Mariota tries to find Delanie Walker on 4th down, but overthrows him.

Final: TEN 7 SEA 10

Week four: at Houston

Houston and Tennessee both come into this game with a 2-1 record. With Jacksonville and Indianapolis both 1-2, this is a game that determines the number one team in the AFC South early. Unfortunately, Tennessee comes out making plenty of mistakes, costing them a 17-0 lead pretty early. However, Marcus Mariota and the offense find their way back into the game. With a rushing TD by Demarco Murray and a TD pass in the redzone by Mariota to continue his legendary redzone TD streak, Tennessee brings the game within three. But, a late sack-fumble recovery by J.J. Watt makes the game unreachable for Tennessee, and it’s another sour loss for the Titans.

Final: TEN 14 HOU 24

Week five: at Miami

For the second year in a row, the Titans have the Dolphins number. Titans come out firing on all cylinders. Marcus Mariota, Demarco Murray, and Derrick Henry combines for a whopping 200+ rushing yards. With a TD by Murray and Henry on the ground, and Mariota to Rishard Matthews and Tajae Sharpe through the air, and a couple of defensive pick six’s the Titans take this game easily.

Final: TEN 42 MIA 14

Week six: Monday Night football vs Colts

At home for primetime football under the lights, the Titans look to end their losing streak vs the Indianapolis Colts, and with an improved secondary and a better team overall, the Titans do that in a convincing fashion. Andrew Luck throws an INT on his first two possessions of the game, giving Marcus Mariota a short field to work with twice. But unfortunately, that only leads to one TD and a FG. The Titans take a 10-0 lead into halftime as the game stalls out, but in the second half, the Titans continue to soar over Indianapolis. A Demarco Murray TD and a Mariota-to-rookie-receiver (whoever they take in the draft) connection for a TD gives the Titans a big lead. Andrew Luck finally hits T.Y Hilton for a couple of TDs to make Titans fans nervous, but the Titans offense ends all doubt with another rushing TD, this time by Derrick Henry.

Final: TEN 31 IND 14


Week seven: at Cleveland

The Titans streak of domination continues in Cleveland, as Cleveland virtually has no chance from the beginning. Mariota dominates, Murray dominates, and the secondary stalls the Browns out.

Final: TEN 38 CLE 3

Week nine: vs Ravens

The streak of domination: It ends here. The Ravens match the Titans well in this one, and makes this a rather interesting contest for the entire 60 minutes. The game comes down to which offense can prove it’s better than the other, and the Ravens does that. Joe Flacco leads his team down the field for a disappointing touchdown, leaving Mariota and the Titans offense with just under 30 seconds to make something happen with no timeouts. Even though the Titans show some momentum, the drive stalls out, and the Titans lose this one.

Final: TEN 21 BAL 28

Week ten: vs Bengals

The Titans just faced the Ravens, the rivals of the Bengals. And they want to finish off their AFC North tour strong. Marcus Mariota has another one of his four TD games, and Murray caps the game off with a TD of his own. Bengals try their best to keep up with the high-octane Titans offense, but they fall short.

Final: TEN 35 CIN 27

Week eleven: Thursday night football at Pittsburgh

The Titans head into a hostile Pittsburgh environment. The Titans defense dominates this game, but the offense stalls out tremendously, which makes for a low scoring game. The Titans defensive line feasts on Roethlisberger, adding 4 sacks to their season total. Although Antonio Brown gets a TD, he’s virtually shut down by Logan Ryan. The Titans escape Pittsburgh with a narrow win.

Final: TEN 13 PIT 7

Week twelve: at Indianapolis

The Titans obliterated the Colts last game, but this time the Colts’ defense finds a way to stall out Marcus Mariota and the Titans’ offense. Luck and Hilton finds momentum, and the Colts stay ahead of Tennessee for the entire game. A late Demarco Murray TD brings the game closer for Tennessee, leaving some hope. But the Colts offense drive down the field and gets a field goal, making it a two possession game with three minutes left.

Final: TEN 13 IND 23

Week thirteen: vs Texans

The Titans were outplayed by Houston last game, but not this time!  The game stays close for most of it, but a Demarco Murray TD in the fourth quarter ignites Nissan Stadium crowd and gives the Titans a seven point lead. Houston nearly answers with a big drive, but a Logan Ryan interception seals the deal in Nashville.

Final: TEN 27 HOU 20

Week fourteen: at Arizona

The Cardinals struggles from the 2016-17 season continued this season, and they run into a pretty good Titans team. Marcus Mariota has a three TD game, two through the air, one on the ground, and Demarco Murray punches one in as well. Now, the Titans aren’t blowing them out, the Cardinals are keeping up. But, of course, they won’t be able to fully keep up with the Titans’ offense.

Final: TEN 31 ARZ 23

Week fifteen: at San Francisco

Another “trap game” for Tennessee, but they respond well vs a struggling 49ers team. Mariota continues his dominance, getting a TD on the ground and three through the air to three difference receivers. Demarco Murray has 130+ rushing yards, but no rushing TDs. The Titans cruise to victory vs San Fran.

Final: TEN 39 SF 10

Week sixteen: vs Rams

The number one overall pick Jared Goff is doing pretty well this season, but his team isn’t. They meet a pretty confident and momentous Titans group, who feasts on Goff who has no help from his teammates. Brian Orakpo adds three sacks to the Titans’ season total, and Jurrell Casey and Derrick Morgan also gets a sack of their own. Titans’ defense dominates this game, and the offense responds perfectly, giving Tennessee their biggest win of the season.

Final: TEN 57 STL 0

Week seventeen: vs Jaguars

The Titans’ starters are on the bench, as they’ve clinched the division and their first playoff spot since 2008. Because of that, the Titans start slow, and the Jaguars takes advantage, taking an easy win over a Titans team that wasn’t trying to begin with.

Final: TEN 10 JAX 27

Final record: 11-5 — Overall prediction: The Titans, propelled by two dominant stretches in the season, improves by two wins this year and secure their first playoff spot. The Titans create hype in Nashville by winning their first playoff game, but unfortunately falls to New England in the second game.





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