#AskTNS: Which Titans rookie will make biggest impact?

Ask TNS is back! But it was greatly affected (is that the right version of affected here?) by the Nashville Predators playoff run. Usually Ask TNS scheduled for 7pm/ct, which is a time I find is most convenient due to church and/or NFL Sunday. But due to the Predators playing at 6:30, I had to do it a bit early. Sorry if you missed it, but note that it will always be at 7pm/CT on Sundays.

I think they will make it to the Stanley Cup Finals. I believe they struggle early in the series vs the Penguins, but fight their way back to force a game seven. I won’t predict a cup win, but I do believe we’ll come awfully close.

I think it’ll take a bit for Tubby Smith to get his team together. It was a bad look when the Lawson brothers and Markel Crawford left, but that was Pastner’s team. Smith will build a good team in Memphis. But I’m afraid the Tigers are in a rebuilding period.

The Predators stars have been stellar. From Ryan Ellis to Ryan Johansen, this squad is lights out. I think the best defensemen other than Ryan Ellis would be Roman Josi. He seems to be involved in a lot of our wins. 

I think the Titans will improve by two wins. A few of their losses last year (vs Vikings, vs Raiders, first game vs Colts) were due to boneheaded mistakes or penalties. I think they finish 11-5, and give the city of Nashville more exciting playoff fever but eventually fall to the Patriots in AFC Championship.

Titans. I’ve been a Titans fan since 2006. I jumped on the Predators and Grizzlies bandwagon in 2015 when I created TNS. I love all three teams, but Titans have been my team for as long as I can remember. 

Well when I was born, the Titans had drafted this receiver named Kevin Dyson who my mom was a BIG fan of. So my mom, while thinking of what to name me, witnessed Kevin Dyson run the Music City Miracle back and score. That was her sign, that my name shall indeed be Ke– wait a minute. My NAME’S NOT KEVIN!

I said above that I will not say the Preds will win the cup. But since you ask, YES! Why? Because SMASHVILLE! 

Really because they have the best goalie and defensemen group in the NHL. Defense wins championships.

I remember a report saying Mularkey said Henry will see an increase in carries over time. I think this year we’ll see him a little more than we did last year. Now that they have more solid receivers, they can really bring out the “exotic” in exotic smashmouth.

I believe he has the potential to, but Memphis is facing hard times right now. I don’t think his dominance will do much for the team.


Let me speak first about the obvious picks. I think Corey Davis and Adoree Jackson will become immediate fan favorites. Jackson’s high personality and Davis’s great talents will greatly improve the Titans on both sides of the ball. People bashed Jon Robinson for both picks, but I think they’ll eat their words.

Speaking of Jon Robinson, he loves hard working guys who’s hiding under the radar, that’s why I will answer your question with Taywan Taylor. I predict this kid will be the unseen force no one will see coming. Opposing teams will game plan for Davis, Matthews, Mariota, and Murray and will forget about Taylor. I say his impact will surprisingly be more immediate than both Davis and Jackson’s. 

Leshaun Sims showed showed great potential last year. I think he will do fine.
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