#AskTNS: Like the Predators, are the Titans set for success?

               Your Questions Answered!

If the Predators win it all, I’d have to say Pekka Rinne. But, it’s not up to me. TNS Nation is in total control.

If you take out “math,” then we’ll talk.

Titans. I’ve been a Titans fan since 2006. I jumped on the Predators and Grizzlies bandwagon in 2015 when I created TNS. I love all three teams, but Titans have been my team for as long as I can remember. 

Marcus Mariota. He’s a fantasy football superstar. And he has so many weapons on offense now. I think he’d be a smart choice.

I think they’ll focus heavily on resigning JaMychal Green, Tony Allen, and Zach Randolph. They will sign some free agents to help out at the perimeter. The fanbase wants Rudy Gay, but that’s unlikely. Grizzlies should make a few trades, to get draft picks and depth. I haven’t dived deep into the Grizzlies rumors just yet due to the Predators exciting playoff run, but those are thing’s I’ve been reading.

I am from Nashville, so I gravitated to all the home teams. I love them all.

After today’s 7-0 beat down by the Penguins, I think the Penguins will make the finals. That means if the Predators can win on Monday, they will battle against the defending Stanley Cup Champions. I think Nashville will struggle a bit in that series without Ryan Johansen and possibly without Mike Fisher. However, Nashville will put up a good fight no doubt.

Most likely. They’re headed home with a 3-2 series lead needing one more win to advance. The Predators rarely lose at home, so the odds are in their favor.

I already revealed who I am in an entire article. 

I was sitting in class one day and realized there’s an NBA and NHL team I can jump on board with. So, I looked up pages that cover all of them and found nothing. So I decided, why not create one myself? I’m glad I made that decision and jumped on the bandwagons. I love all Tennessee squads.


My answer to that: Yes.

The Titans have a good, talented quarterback, two punishing running backs, a great offensive line, a revamped WR core, a good defensive line, a good coach, and a great General Manager. That’s a GREAT position to be in for a team that was 2-14 just a few years ago, and none of those things could be said.

However, there’s still work to do because there are a few variables:

Is the WR core really revamped? They look good on paper, but as our AFC South rivals, the Jacksonville Jaguars, taught us, looking good on paper means absolutely nothing. If the WRs are as good as they are expected to be, the Titans’ offense will be nearly unstoppable.

Can DeMarco Murray stay healthy and consistent/Can Derrick Henry fill in effectively? I’m not saying Murray isn’t a good running back, but he played with an injury last year. Yes, that makes him tough, but it also should be concerning. The last thing we need is for him to go down at the wrong time with an injury he can’t play through, but if he does we need to hope Henry can fill in.

Last but not least, did the secondary improve? This is the biggest variable. If, by January, we are saying yes to this question, the Titans will be a playoff team. Adding Logan Ryan, Jonathan Cyprien, and Adoree Jackson alongside Kevin Byard and a potential-filled Leshaun Sims seems promising.

So, my answer is yes. The Titans ARE destined for success, but there are some things to work out, and they have the perfect G.M to handle those things. 
Thanks for your questions! Don’t miss #AskTNS next Sunday at 7pm/ct.


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