#AskTNS: Is there beef between the Titans and Zach Brown on Twitter?

                Your Questions Answered!

The first game between the Titans and Colts at Nissan Stadium should’ve been a W for the Titans, in my opinion. I think the Titans will get a W vs Indianapolis this year. The only reason Luck torched our defense last year is because of Perrish Cox.

I will go as far as to say the Predators will likely tie the series on Monday. But I won’t say if they’ll win the series or not. But, in order for them to win the series, they’re going to need to continue being clutch at home and steal one in Pittsburgh.

I’m from and still live in Nashville.

Been a Titans fan since 2006. My love for all three teams is pretty equal at this point, but about three years ago my answer would’ve been the Titans.

They need to continue doing what they’ve been doing all season long. There’s not anything wrong with their support. The world is quickly realizing what a fanbase Nashville has. They are the only Tennessee pro team fanbase with such rich tradition. Their chants and playoff traditions are entertaining and fun to engage in, and they can be as loud as a train! That is why the Predators are nearly unbeatable at home.

They will need to either make some trades for a draft pick/player or two, or garner some free agents.  The Grizzlies are preparing as if they have a pick, but in case they don’t get any, they need to sign some perimeter threats and maybe get a little younger at PF/C

I think they’ll get as far as the New England Patriots let them. That’s if the Titans make the playoffs, of course.

I say Davis won’t get his first NFL touchdown until week 3 or 4, but I think he’ll be a solid weapon for Marcus Mariota

Stat Prediction: 54 receptions, +/-750 yards, 8 touchdowns. He will lead all rookie WRs in first down receptions.

I feel like it’ll be rejuvenated after the debacle with Jalen Hurd. I think there’s some potential, and I am looking forward to seeing the Volunteers offense without Dobbs, Kamara, and Hurd. Not sure what I think of Fils-aime yet. Haven’t been doing much looking into other Tennessee squads just yet, I’m consumed by Predators hockey.

That would be funny to see!

I think the Predators will continue to create offense through their defense, and Pekka will be outstanding again. Pittsburgh have always had trouble keeping possession of the puck, so with a top notch Predators’ goalie and defense, as they had in game three, the Predators can dominate the game.

                   Headlining Question!

I saw the photos on a fan page, but that’s about it. I saw nothing on Zach Brown’s Twitter or Facebook, nothing on Bleacher Report or any other media site that shares drama. I even went as far as to searching Google, saw nothing. I only saw it in one place, and that was on the fanpage. (Mind you, I get updated whenever the Titans, or any important Titans insider, tweets)

I’m not saying this is made up at all, but I personally saw nothing, so I don’t know what the deal is.

However, if it is true, I lost all my respect for Brown. I always thought he was a talented player, but he’s acting unprofessional and obviously can’t handle business. He left Nashville with an attitude, and if those photos are true, it seems he’s still upset. Unfortunately for him, he was sent to the under performing Bills and now the dysfunctional Redskins, so I can only imagine his pain.
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