#AskTNS: Eric Decker is a Tennessee Titan!

               Your Questions Answered

No doubt, Kendal. As I said many times to many people, the Titans are doing what the Golden State Warriors started doing years ago: building a team through the draft. I think in five years they will be well into their prime, with hopefully a Superbowl appearance atleast. By the way, everyone go subscribe to this boy on YouTube! He’s an amazing person, and sometimes he can be weird. But it’s cool. Click here to subscribe to him! You’re welcome, Kendal. Here’s his Instagram too.

No. Fisher is contemplating retirement and wants to stay in Nashville with either decision he makes, so there is no need to protect him because Vegas likely won’t take him. If they take him, they’re running the risk of having one of their players retire before he even plays for them. That would be quite funny, actually.

I love it. A few of my friends could tell you I wasn’t too fond of him at first and could care less about him visiting, but after some research, I now think he’s a solid pick up. Much like Delanie Walker (who is a TE), Decker has consistent hands and can block as well. He also brings experience.

I think they will snatch James Neal, Colin Wilson, or Colton Sissons from us.  

I think it was a fantastic decision. Predators’ GM David Poile’s recent plan for this team has been to grab young players with some upside so one of the best coaches in the business, Peter Laviolette, can coach them up and develop them. So going Jarnkrok over Neal was a no-brainer. Although this looks silly now, in the long run it could prove to be another wise decision by the Predators GM. The Weber-Subban trade is another prime example of his current plan.

I think he’ll help out tremendously in run-blocking, but not too much in the receiving game. Of course, he will have some catches and have a decent amount of yards, but I think the younger receivers will receive more attention in that category. I believe Decker will be Mariota’s safety net if some of the younger WRs aren’t coming through for him. 

Read question above to view my opinion on how productive he’ll be. To your second question, I think he is indeed a positive addition. He’s a veteran who wanted to play here. He can definitely help out the younger WRs, and help out big in the run game.

Starting for Tennessee? I think he will do good enough to help Tennessee out on offense. But I don’t know about him starting? I have to look into that.

Matthews. He had a great year for Tennessee last season. He will have a better one this year.

I’m going to go with Adoree Jackson simply because the Titans need help immediately in the secondary, meaning he will likely start opposite side of Logan Ryan this season. Plus, he could appear on offense too!

The most important reason why the Predators made it far into the postseason is because of the “Next Man Up” mentality of the team. I think they will have an even better year in 2017-18, despite whoever they lose in the Expansion Draft. 

Yes. It also adds pressure to every other receiver as well. Tajae Sharpe was the very receiver that impressed everyone all off-season long last year, in route to becoming a starting WR and beating out Dorial Green-Beckham for a roster spot. The current Titans staff is willing to put anyone on the field if they give them the best chance to win on Sunday.

          Thank you for your questions! 


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