#AskTNS: What’s next for the Predators?

              Your Questions Answered!

The Titans gained some new fans last season after improving to 9-7. If the Titans improve even more, then no doubt there will be bandwagon fans. 

Are you talking about the Tennessee Sports Prediction Team? I did pretty average in that. I didn’t think the Preds were going to go far. Boy was I wrong.

Can they? Yes. Will they? Probably not. I haven’t heard much about Rudy Gay wanting to come here from any credible sources. There’s only been rumors started by fanpages. I’ve been hearing other teams that are likely to acquire him, but not Memphis. However, that doesn’t mean that nothing will happen between Memphis and Rudy Gay.

If they can’t find a good replacement in free agency or via a trade, they’ll lose out on 20 goals this season. However, I don’t think it’ll hurt the Predators too much. They have loads of talents, and plenty of playmakers to make up for the loss.

I don’t think the Grizzlies will play their rookies much. If they do, I can see Dillon Brooks being an exceptional addition! That’s a huge draft choice.

I personally haven’t heard many rumors, HOWEVER I have heard some names thrown into the Predators direction, like wingers Justin Williams and Thomas Vanek.  Predators general manager David Poile began talks with free agents on Sunday. Who exactly? I have no clue, but of course the minute I find out I will update you on it. I know Poile wants a winger, maybe early-to-mid 30s who can score.

I can see Tony Allen back on the Grizzlies. I’m kind of iffy on Zbo, J. Green, and Vince Carter. V.C wants a championship, Green wants more money than Memphis can afford, and Zbo is on the decline. 

I’m fantastic!

Yes. The Predators have a lot of cap space to work with. They have enough to resign their guys to good deals, and land a talented forward in free agency. The Predators are in a good place right now.

Frederick Gaudreau. He stepped up big when it mattered most for us: in the Stanley Cup Final. So it should be a piece of of cake to step up in the regular season. Like they say, diamonds are made under pressure! I think that’s what they say… 🤔.

That’s a good question, my friend. I think maybe one player and some draft picks could do it. They have little to work with on their roster. I think the Predators’ best bet would be to sign a free agent, and avoid big trades.


I believe they make it only as far as the New England Patriots let them. That means, either they make it to the AFC Championship (or earlier than that) vs. New England and lose, or pull an epic upset and make it to the Superbowl. But hey, the Predators swept the Blackhawks so anything is possible.

It would be a headlining, attention-grabbing target for Memphis, but I bet he would want a decent amount of money, and Memphis can barely afford JaMychal Green. I don’t think they’ll be targeting Griffin.

It’s tacky, and weakens the integrity of the NBA. It sucks, and it makes me not care about the regular season anymore because it’s obvious who’s making it to the Finals.

Thank you for your questions! Ask TNS is USUALLY every Sunday at 7 pm central, 8 pm eastern!


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