#AskTNS: What’s the x-factor for the Titans?

 I was like, “hopefully TNS Nation takes it easy on me today so I can do little research,” and had some hope, until I read the first question. 

            Your Questions Answered

Names I’ve heard have been Blake Griffin, but he resigned with the Clippers, and that wouldn’t have happened anyway. Nick Young popped up in conversations as well, which quickly got shut down because the Warriors are high on him, and they have WAY more cap space. I think Memphis is more adamant on re-signing their own guys. But they’ll pick up someone

I don’t think those two rookies will make a tremendous difference, but I could be wrong. Losing Z-Bo will hurt, but as long as Memphis has Conley, Gasol, and Tony Allen, they’ll be mediocre, which is better than bad.

Hmmm…. 🤔. There’s some potential. However, we won’t see another Brady for another two or three generations of football. But they have potential to be two great QBs in the AFC for years to come.

Yes! I love Byard. I loved how Dick Lebeau used his speed to rush QBs last season. I think Byard has great potential. Hopefully they allow him to roam the field more, which would allow him to intercept passes.

I’ll admit this: I’ve only been a Predators fan for a little less than five years, so I had NO CLUE he’s been with Nashville since 2008! If he’s been here that long and has been as inconsistent as Poile claimed, then good riddance. He was a good guy though, I liked him. I was surprised.

Let’s go thrift shopping. 

I will say Rishard Matthews. He had a great season last year and I believe he will build upon that this season. 

I think they’ll sign a cheap shooter, no big names. And they won’t find a team willing to pay a guy $90+M to sit on the bench wearing a suit.

I think they should do their best to keep T.A and Z-Bo, and sign a shooter or two who’s cheap. They don’t have much to work with, but they can for sure do something. 

My favorite rookie last year I’d have to say Derrick Henry. He has great potential, and he’s a great guy. He’s willing to learn and work, and patient enough to wait for his time to shine in Tennessee. I love Murray, but I believe in about 15 years, the Titans offense will be remembered as Mariota and Henry. 

The secondary, no doubt. The Titans had a great offense last season, and they just totally revamped their receiving core. Their pass rush was pretty good. The only thing that kept them from the playoffs was the secondary. Staying healthy is also a big one. Murray played with an injury for the majority of the season, and Mariota needs to find a way to play a full season.

Only if they completely fall on their face this coming up season, and the Grit N Grind era proves to be officially over.

I believe they do, I think they have a pocketful of second rounders for the next few years. I think they draft some shooters from beyond the arc, and give their best attempt at building a superteam through the draft. I don’t know exactly who, though. 

They should. It probably won’t be anyone flashy, but it’ll be someone they can afford. 

For pro, I think the Nashville sports squads are entering into a new and exciting era. Both GMs are not afraid to make things happen, and not afraid to do what’s best for the team and give them the best pieces to win every game. That’s exciting. Not only that, but the city is fully behind them. We don’t have to worry about our team leaving town because they WANT to be here, and the city wants them here, too.

For Memphis, I think their pro team is about to turn the corner at some point. They are actually ending an era, and I am excited to see how the new era ends up. I hope they don’t fall into a long and dreadful rebuilding phase,  but they aren’t making moves necessary to compete in their league…yet.

For college, we have the Commodores on the rise (both football and basketball), Tennessee football had a promising first half of the season, and the Memphis Tigers (football) have always been good. MTSU basketball shocks the nation every year, and Tennessee has some young athletes in high school with great potential. It’s all just great. Great time to be a Tennessee Sports fan.

Sometime in December the MLS will announce the expansion cities.

             Thank you for your questions!


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