#AskTNS: Breakout year for Derrick Henry?


               Your Questions Answered!

Are you forcing the baby to be a Texans fan? You know, that’s a life of misery!

I believe the Grizzlies are heading down the road to reconstruction, unless they unpredictably land a superstar before Gasol and Conley leaves. But, I still stand by a prediction I made before: the Grizzlies will win a championship in the 2020’s decade.

As long as they have Marc Gasol and Mike Conley, I don’t see Grizzlies missing the playoffs. That being said, with the Western Conference so stacked, I think the Grizzlies can end up being a 5th or 6th seed at worst. 

It affected it big time. The commissioner of the MLS said he will be monitoring everything while he’s here. He didn’t say that exactly, but he implied it. The fact that a state record was set for attendance at a soccer match with 47,600+ people is a big, BIG deal and should help Nashville land a team. I think an MLS team will have a huge economic affect on a city already experiencing the best years in its history. It’ll bring in more tourists and more events to the new stadium.

I agree with all, but Brandan Wright. I’m kind of hoping Memphis gives a young guy a go at the position. Like Ivan Rabb.

I think he will drop to 4th receiver, honestly. He has Matthews, Davis, and Decker in front of him. It’s also a possibility that Taywan Taylor rises on the roster as well. Tajae is a hard-worker, but I don’t know if we’ll see much of him next season. 

I am secretly hoping Ivan Rabb or Dillon Brooks make the official roster and produce fast. If the Grizzlies send those guys to the G-League, then I’m hoping Fizdale can help Ben McLemore reach his potential. If either one of these guys make an impact, I think it’ll be a decent one to form some kind of subtle big-3 with Gasol and Conley.

I think Matthews will keep his rightfully earned no. 1 spot, followed by either Decker or Davis. One of those guys will be the no. 3 receiver, followed by Taywan Taylor at the 4 spot.

I think they will, and logically they’ll probably only make it one or two games in. Hopefully, they make the Superbowl!

Likely, at no. 2 receiver. Otherwise he’d be the no.3 receiver, playing a big role for the Titans in the slot, run-game, and redzone.

I think they’ve already started rebuilding. One way to rebuild means to simply get younger. They’ve done that. Moving Gasol? No. The Grizzlies are in a great position because they’re a rebuilding team with two good, established players to build around: Gasol and Conley. Moving them would be declaring a total rebuild.

Hopefully Ivan Rabb. If not, then likely Brandan Wright. I could be wrong about that, but that’s the latest I heard.

They would probably offer some kind of package deal, giving the Grizzlies a few young, up and coming stars, along with some draft picks.

I think the Titans are going to find ways to give him more carries. Breakout year? Behind one of the NFLs best offensive lines and beside one the AFCs top rushers, I think Derrick Henry is due for a big year – at some point. Will it be this coming up season? Probably not, as Murray will likely be the Titans no. 1 back. But Henry’s time is coming. 

I believe if the Titans secondary is improved, the Titans will take the W by a small margin. Mariota can struggle vs top secondaries, and the Seahawks have a good one. If that trend continues, Titans will win but because of the run game. 

Wayne Selden Jr. if he keeps up his big numbers (even though I don’t think he’s a rookie). However, I hope Ivan Rabb makes it, even though he missed the first summer league game.             

I will go as far as to say Nick Bonino will have one of the best seasons of his career here with Nashville, as he will be hungry to win another cup. I think that’ll play a big factor on our record. Post-season, I will say Bonino along with Johansen, Rinne, and Forsberg and a few other depth guys will step up again for Nashville.

             Thank you for your questions!


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