#AskTNS: NBA to Nashville…will it ever happen?


              Your Questions Answered

Wayne Selden Jr. was quite impressive to me. Also, Dillon Brooks seems like a legitimate steal.

Wayne Selden Jr.

I’m most excited to see if Marcus Mariota can make another leap in his career. He made one last season, which helped the Titans finish 9-7. Another leap would lead right into the post-season.

I’m worried about Kevin Dodd. He was a solid draft pick, then seemed to kind of fade away out of existence.

I’m going to go with Quentin Dormady, for the simple fact that Tennessee will need solid QB play to contend in the SEC after losing Dobbs. I could have went multiple ways with my answer.

I’ll say Corey Davis will have around 6-7 TDs. Adoree Jackson will need to step up for the Titans. This team is hungry for a good secondary. I think he will do just that. He may not have tons of interceptions, but I think he will be a beneficial piece to the defense.

That question will be easier to answer as the season develop, but I will say the home opener is the most interesting one. Two young QBs leading two persistent offenses. Don’t be surprised if Titans vs Raiders is nationally televised. I could also go with Titans vs Seahawks, but my only reason for that is Mariota and Russell Wilson have kind of similar playing styles.

He can be. He can play defense, offense, AND special teams. His versatility will leave opposing head coaches guessing what he will do next.

I think Quentin Dormady will end up starting at QB for Tennessee. I don’t think Butch Jones will actually roll with the two-QB system.

The Grizzlies and Predators have made the playoffs more times than not within the last decade. The Predators have consistently won more games each year, kind of taking baby steps forward, but Nashville’s still considered a small market in the NHL. If the Predators and Titans continue their road to success and actually win championships, and the Grizzlies rebuild effectively and win some, then I believe they will obviously get more respect and attention, but the market will still be considered small. However, with Nashville’s growth as a city, that could change the market size.

No. Pittsburgh’s going to want something very valuable for Kessel. And Nashville shouldn’t rid anymore of their depth for him. He’s a good player, and a very valuable one for the Penguins. 

In today’s NBA, they will need to trade for an All-Star. Of course, with a player comes his contract. And the Grizzlies have no money. Trading for a up-and-coming young player who’s cheap may help them later, but it won’t make them contenders.

Yes they can. It won’t be anytime soon, but as Nashville continue to grow into Tennessee’s largest city, it’ll only be a matter of time before the NBA will consider if Nashville will be affected by the market in Memphis. I doubt Nashville will be affected by the Memphis market, but Memphis could suffer if Nashville gets an NBA team… especially if that team ends up being pretty good. Because of that, there are too many “business risks” for the NBA in Nashville getting a team, considering how close the two cities are. Unless the Memphis Grizzlies decide to move to Nashville, (which would be unfair to Memphis, but isn’t a far-fetched thought considering Nashville’s growth and popularity), I think it’ll be at least two decades before there are even rumors of an expansion NBA team in Nashville.

Jon Robinson wanted to add speed to the Titans offense. Khalfani Muhammad adds that speed that could offer a change of pace in the offense. With Murray and Henry pounding away at the opposing D-linemen, that could allow Muhammad’s speed to shake past them for some extra yards.

Houston Texans. We’ll likely be battling them for the division for the next few years. I’ve always said once both of these teams become a good team, it’ll be one of the best rivalries in the NFL.

This might be a very vanilla answer, but I think the Titans have made some good moves already. I think they are currently legit post-season contenders. But, making some more good moves for the secondary definitely wouldn’t hurt. This team has the potential to be one of the more complete teams in the NFL.

Losing Z-Bo and T.A hurts, but they still have a pretty decent coach and two good players in Gasol and Conley. Plus Parsons if you want to add him. So, that being said, I predict they’ll finish somewhere around the 40-win area. 

Peter Laviolette has been the best coach. He has consistently coached up a good Predators team since he’s been here. Them making a big playoff run as a 16 seed has a lot to do with coaching. The team has only gotten better since his hiring, and bigger things are ahead.

I think it’ll be fun to support another team in the Music City. It’ll be exciting to add another team to the ones I already update on, and heighten the chances of Nashville winning a championship of some sort. I’ve never really been into soccer much, but if a team ends up in Nashville, I’ll be willing to learn.


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